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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean


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Oh, man I'm in serious trouble on this one... I've been eyeing the Imperial Flagship set for a while, and now I'm thinking how good it would look along side the Black Pearl.

Off to start selling blood...

The imperial flagship is a nice looking set but at $200 + shipping it's pretty steep.

Cost or not, I will have to get the Queen Anne's Revenge and will be financially doomed if they throw the Black Pearl, Dauntless or Flying Dutchman into the mix

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Some really nice pics of the sets here, Whitecap Bay looks even better, so many action features!

I really can't wait for this theme, it's a May release.

Also it says the Black Pearl is going to be available in November! 804 pieces, $99

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Well, I was planning a trip to a mall with a Lego store in a couple of weeks (anout a 2-hour drive, but it's a big mall), and the big boat was at the bottom of my list, following Diagon Alley and some fo the City sets, but it just moved into second place. I'd hate to have this all of a sudden get discontinued and miss it, especially after I dragged my feet too long on the Green Grocer and the Carousel.

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Fantastic set! Love Queen Anne's Revenge:

PS. I loved this so much, I ordered the Imperial Flagship today... OUCH, my aching wallet. I'm justifying the cost by the fact that I haven't bought any video games in months and my birthday is next month. I'll post some pics when I get it in a week or so.

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