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World Cup 2010

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Though I'm a very casual fan, Germany's domination of Argentina surprised me today. I was rooting for Argentina (with apologies to Bob), as Messi has become my favorite big time soccer star. Because he just looks like some guy. Specifically, he looks like he could have been the lead singer of any number of 80s power ballad pop bands.

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America lost already, right?

Man did I get in over my head on these things. They ask like 80 different questions the same way. "Describe watching ESPN. Now describe watching it with a friend. Now describe watching it with your eyes shut" I mean, look at this!

Give us a quick synopsis of the things you did the last week that qualifies as following the World Cup. For some of these things we’ll ask you about the coverage of the matches. For these, try to think beyond what happened in the match and focus on the way the match was covered. Okay, tell us about the following… 1. Post any pictures you took of you or those you were with while following the World Cup. 2. Matches you watched: which ones, where were you (physical location – like home, work, bar, etc), how you “tuned in (TV network, web location, radio, mobile phone, etc)? 3. Other things you watched beyond the matches – if yes, tell us the BEST thing you watched and why 4. Overall feelings about the continued coverage from ESPN (when we say “coverage, we mean the things like announcers, camera work, analysis etc) 5. Best ESPN coverage moment: could be during a match or during the programming around the matches. Not just the play or story, but what ESPN did in their coverage that made it great. 6. Worst ESPN coverage moment 7. Most interesting tidbit about how you followed the event this week 8. Level of interest in the remaining tournament and why it’s the same or different than last week Please post images from the web that help illustrate any of your thoughts or feelings

The last World Cup was in Germany and the one before that it was in South Korea. How has South Africa as the host country influenced your continued interest in this year’s World Cup? What are the things that have made it more interesting? Have there been distractions? From your perspective, has ESPN had the right amount of focus on South Africa? Okay so, come up with three stories ESPN should have run that involves South Africa – give us the name of the segment, how it would be presented and why avid World Cup fans would love to see it.

Time to show us your softer side. As the World Cup dramas have unfolded, what are the stories that touched your heart? Could be about a team, a player, a fan – but we know there is something that you didn’t know or think about before the matches began that became an important part of your 2010 World Cup experience. What role did ESPN play in these stories? Was ESPN on the ball in terms of the dramas and plotlines that unfolded as the tournament has unfolded? Or did they drop the ball? In what ways? Did you see any of the “feel good” stories ESPN did on or around the World Cup. Was it good? Would another network done it better? Which one and why? Please post images from the web that help illustrate your thoughts and feelings.

Not that you don't have to answer these. I just wanted to share. And I'm not really complaining about the job itself. But they said "We need about 300 words a question. You should have about 3 questions a day, so It should take an hour or so." No, what they mean is 300 words per each PART. The 1. 2. 3. 4. parts. and they're handing out about 7 sections a day. And they expect this all done in one day? Really? Last week I kinda gave up and just posted a bunch of funny soccer related pictures. They asked me to expand upon what they meant. And note, especially in section 1 that i posted here (I have a few more that I didn't share) they've asked almost word for word those same questions last week. And the week before. I was hung when they asked who my favorite ESPN reporter was. I went on to rave about Erin Andrews. :P

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The final's up tonigth and I'm pretty excited! I'm cheering for team Oranje, but Spain is a pretty tough contender! Good thing is, both teams never won a World Cup yet, so both deserve to win this thing tonight!

The German team did a pretty good job by winning yesterday night against Uruquay. It was a very exciting and very enjoyable game to watch. And a third place is absolutely okay for our team, since they are really, really young and will develop through the years. The game against Spain was the worst game they've played so far in the tournament and Spain deserved winning that match! No doubt about it! The final result could've easy been 4:0 for Spain. Well done!

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Germany did play well yesterday, but I hated not seeing Klose on the field. I'm pulling for Holland today as well. They've got a great team. This should finally be their moment. Spain can celebrate making it to the final for the first time. And I don't want that damn octopus to be right again.

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