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Hey, so Im on board with this addiction, officially.

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just got into minimates, they hit me hard. Cant believe I didnt know these existed earlier. 2003? really. damn. & years ago I could of had a pocket sized carnage or spidey, and instead I was worrying about school BS. lol. decisions decisions. Anyway, happy to be here. I think im in this one for the full run. Right now im running down my favs, and cant wait for hulkbuster, 90's prof, jubilee, and domino. Still trying to see how this all works, but i think this is where i introduce myself. lol. judging from the title this is it.

A note for anyone who cares. Noticed that minimates are less available overseas/Canada etc. Im in the US and have very active Online Buy/sell activity with paypal/Auctiva etc. If someone needs help nabbing some mates cause they are overseas. Im willing. Nothing off me, and i cant imagine not having the ability to purchase mates with a click, on some occasions. that would be torture. lol.

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Greetings and salutations!

It's time for my special kind of greeting for you newbies: The T42 MOVIE CHALLENGE!!!

I quote a movie, you name the movie.

Your quote:

"But I don't wanna use my head!"

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Welcome to the Multiverse. As an Aussie - i think it's so awesome that your first message is already showing a willingness to help out board members from outside the states.

I can already tell that you'll be an awesome member here.

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You know the funny thing is that I also catch a glimpse of the title while coasting on the threads and i read it "bored" too. and get my own post....I hope thats not as sad as i think it is. Cant get enough of these minimates. Bought stealth iron and deadpool 28 at a fair price i think. My gf thought id have huge buyers remorse, but instead im super stoked. she doesn't understand it, and to be honest neither do I. but who cares. if AA and DS keep it up, im predicting a wave 100 for marvel. anywho, glad to be here. not kidding about the overseas help either. PM me if you need help. Will be scoping the 4 TRU's around me for exclusives, and am buying a few extras to fight scalping. lol.(sounds like a contradiction) difference being my extras will be good old MSRP + ship for those of us who dont have access to a TRU with exclusives. that would suck.

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