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salt in the wound

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I will never let this one go.. if someone at DCD or elsewhere states that there is a 1 in 1 million chance of DC Minimates.. my response will be, "so, you're saying there's a chance!?!". I just can't help but think about how cool things would be if DC had even half the number of minimates Marvel does.

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If there's one thing this article does for me...

It makes me glad I'm a Marvel fan. *Phew*

Don't get me wrong, I feel for my minimate collecting brethren who'd like some more DC mates... and I whole-heartedly hope the line comes back for you some day. I really do. But as for me. Eh. Other than Batman, I'm not nuts about the DC Universe on the whole...

And the mates we already have covered Batman fairly well. Got my Batman, Robin, & a couple Batgirls. Got my Nightwing. Got my Riddler, got my Joker(s), Got my Catwoman, got my Penguin. Got a few extra villains, Harley, Bane, Croc, Man-Bat, Clayface.

And even picked up a few extra characters 'cause they were Iconic, or I just liked the look of them. Super Man, Super Girl, Power Girl, Green Lantern.

But in general, I'm all set with -most- of what I'd ever want from DC. Only thing I'd really like to have is a few more Batman villains (Two-Face, Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Ras) But I've got some good ones, so I'll live. Got my faves.

Wheras Marvel, I have bought and will continue buying every single minimate they've ever produced. No matter how insignificant or repetative. Because I luvs the Marvel universe.

So if the situation were reversed and the shoe was on the other foot, yeah, I'd be totally pissed about it. So I feel for you guys.

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I, for one, REFUSE to buy most of these. Having said that, I *might* buy the batmobile JUST to put my DC Minimates in!

But, these things are going to be more profitable for Mez-co. Only one new-sculpted head (Batman), everything else is one basic buck re-painted ad-nauseum.

Now that Georg is gone, hopefully we can get DC mates back. But even better would see them allowing mold re-use between lines to keep them more profitable for DST, hence leading to more continued DC minimates.

Wait, so you're complaining that they use the same body for their figures even though Minimates does the same thing?

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