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Modifying Marvel Minimates


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S'okay, Mystery. I've heard there's a guy on here who runs a small store almost exclusively catering to minimates, and he has just started getting into making his own bases. With any luck, he'll happen by this thread and see the interest in a watery base for Hydro-Man, and put it on his list of things to do, somewhere between taking over MMMV and breakfast. Just a thought. Okay, more like a lead hint than anything else. 'Cause I'd love one too.

A water base is on the list. Towards the top. ;)


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I think the new Flash Thompson Venom head would make for a pretty spiffy Ben Reilly.

That's... an excellent idea! I was thinking Flash had red hair but then I checked out the set again and that's definitely a blondeish hairpiece he's got. Funnily enough, Flash's official hair color is "reddish blonde"

I wanted a ‘final battle’ Thor so Hobo Thor, Thor Thor, and Avengers Thor went under the knife to become:

shawarma not included.

Aye verily! Truly it doth take many parts to create the whole that is the mighty Thor when he giveth the gift of battle!

Seriously though, that's impressive. Makes me wish we got to see the 'ghost trap' effect piece more often!

not really a modification, just a QC Don Blake


Excellent! I always love seeing secret identity minimates; 'mates are one of the few places where they're practical, either as releases or customs. Whose legs are those? I hadn't realized how the search and rescue MAX turtleneck looks like it'd go great with some short sleeved bare arms to make a QC Max Lord!

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I could never get a doc brown and even if I did I wouldn't want to ruin it. So I'd have needed two. So I was pretty stoked when I saw boom boom had some sculpted glasses.

If any one else uses boom booms glasses try get the green off first. it'll make it easier. Probably pretty obvious to people with more experience at this than me

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