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hello all u minimate collectors out there! My name is ironfist1234 and i will be doing minimate reviews

each week i will put of some reviews of minimates! HORRAY! so i hope u all enjoy my reviews because there will be here and p.s if u have any thoughts on my review like how to make them better just sent me a PM or post on my topic page thank you for reading enjoy (ohh and only contructive critizism plz thanks again)

- ;) iron fist.

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First i will be reviewing the dark avengers box set # 1







"patterned after the costumes of captain america and ironman, the iron patriot serves as the leader of both the dark avengers and H.A.M.M.E.R. with Norman Osborn inside the suit it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong....."

The iron patriot is a red-ish pink and blue minimate is has an iron man kind of armor with a captain america twist. What i liked about figure is first off he is a villan and we cant have too many villans can we, second the iron patriot was a very important character in dark reign and seige, plus its the green goblin under the armor i mean come on who doesnt like spiderman's best villan. the one problem on my iron patriot is that his arm hinges are very loose and comes off very easy but apart from that a very nice figure indeed.

i give the iron patriot a 8/10

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