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General Minimate Pictures Thread

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Winkerbean - your comics are always awesome, man. People probably ask you this all the time, but where do you get those backgrounds?

I got alot of cardstock wargames/miniature scenery off the internet and scale them up to fit minimates, now I make alot myself

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Modok .

First & most importantly .....stunning pictures ,quite how you've done that is beyond me but that's great. yes.gif

Secondly .....the Modok Minimate is perhaps THE most underestimated/talked-about/seemingly unloved/biggest/bulkiest/heaviest/packaging-fucker-upper of all time .

Thirdly ....the gripe (tongue in cheek) ...........the C3 feet .....if ever there was a Minimate that could've done without them then this was the one.wink.png

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Made a diorama for my girlfriend since she's really into Avengers lately.

Made her into a superhero...excuse me...a superheroine with a random head, Walking Dead Governor's hair I think, and Rogue's body. Wheelchair well because she's disabled. I'll get her a Professor X Hover chair when the DOFP set comes out. The paper playset is the Funko Boxos Iron Man 3 set and random characters she loves. LOL

She loves it and can't wait to add more Minimates. It's her first collection so I'm sure it will build up over time like her Lego's did.


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