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General Minimate Pictures Thread

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So I took the day off to get over the Star Trek convention this weekend (very busy!) & have been playing with my walking dead minimates








Minijeff looking forward to seeing some of the comic panels

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You're welcome! I spotted it on a t-shirt from TeeFury and thought it needed the minimate treatment. Side note- I really need to make a photobooth to take better pictures, not just my camera phone at work.

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Thanks everyone. I noticed earlier today that I haven't done a non-TTFC photo in two months. That is going to change. I've thought about making it just Minimate Fight Club on numerous occasions for a lot of reasons, not least of which being that I would have an enormous amount of fighters to choose from, but I've come this far. Why stop now?

Or are you trying to tell me that you hate TTFC and want it to go away because it's "too gimmicky" or something?

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Or are you trying to tell me that you hate TTFC and want it to go away because it's "too gimmicky" or something?

Nope, I just love that you take great pix and don't want you limit your creativity to just translucent minimates :)


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I try not to limit myself that way. I've just been focused on it as of late. Lack of new minimates, or inspiration or whatever, but hopefully that stops now. I need to get back into things, but perhaps a second fight club thread is in order, one where there are no rules for eligibility, just plain old mayhem. Someone should do that.

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That Rhino pic is awesome, and I think TTFC should become MMMFC, Monday Minimate Fight Club, where a Street Fighter or Tekken character has to fight Rhino every week. My latest batch...






Robert found those two vehicles, and I've been meaning to share them. (Perhaps others already have.)

Shot a decent Fastball Special shot for 47, but forgot to remove the stick...


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@Zach: the Havok pick is really great. They all are, but that one stands out.

@Geo: I say keep it TTF. I like the gimmick, myself, and I think you've done a really good job in bringing out the natural expressiveness of the blanks. To tell you the truth, I think the ones that have involved figures with faces haven't been quite as strong, because the faces tend to not match the action. That problem would be even worse with regular 'mates.

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Great shots Zach. Love the Dazzler one. And Norman in the Happy Van is absolutely hilarious. Brilliant. And if everyone had to fight Rhino on a weekly basis I can tell you this: Rhino would never lose a single fight. But if you want to see it happen and you feel like sending fighter minimates my way, I will make it happen.

And thanks Hellpop. Though sometimes I find the opposite to be true because while the faces look weird, they can at lost show a better direction of view for the character and what they're looking at. I do have a lot more fun with the blanks though. You can do some truly horrible things as long as you don't have a face to put to the beatings. thumbsup.gif

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Stick no more!

Love the Goonies shots, Jeff. And love the Goblin's new ride. I'd be that angry too if I didn't have nay head room in my car.

Thanks for the Photoshop assist. It came out better than my early-morning effort, which can be seen on Facebook.

And I think Norman is more upset that I had to remove his legs. There's not a lot of room in there with the pullback feature taking up the entire back seat.

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