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General Minimate Pictures Thread

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37 minutes ago, DSTZach said:

Newspaper looks like the same tool as some books in a Hello Kitty Megabloks (?) set my daughter has. 

Briefcase may be from Dr. Evil by McFarlane. Does it have one million dollars in it?

prob comes with the spiderman mega blocks because it says the daily bugle on it

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Speaking of X-Mansions.... I have been toying with the idea (pardon the pun) of trying to build this bad boy....

Image result for mansion x lego marvel

But i suspect it's going to take a *lot* of time and money.

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It was created by DarthKy (i think) and submitted to Lego Ideas. It won the 10,000 supporters needed to be considered, but didn't make it past the approval stage.
Lego never gave a reason, but I suspect that it would have been to big/expensive a kit for Lego to create (as bilbofett pointed out).

I think it's freaking beautiful though and have been investigating how I might build one for myself.

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