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General Minimate Pictures Thread

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On 27/11/2017 at 9:29 PM, TENIME_art said:

Those No-Name & Dawg customs are fantastic!

Thank you!


And here is a new batch of backgrounds and modifications.


Watchmen's Alley


24173936_10208875144150681_8090157192204168302_o.jpg?oh=414024da20b1a85b89f0d0b127569cba&oe=5ACDCD86    24273861_10208875144430688_5761005878059886078_o.jpg?oh=b39b5bb8cf4ee1dbefdc6f71fe7473ee&oe=5A90408A    24210200_10208875144710695_8911432696092535997_o.jpg?oh=d2307000bcd35eddd11bba7df6267652&oe=5AC7C1A4


NY Rooftop









King Leonidas (300)

24302410_10208881561951122_216798332753039866_o.jpg?oh=765ed29a0e4c851f0d7aba6d62d92f94&oe=5A94D80C    24297611_10208881562191128_2486599549467186963_o.jpg?oh=2b86a96704f7340ad33aa525f7d442fc&oe=5A934A6C

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2 hours ago, TENIME_art said:

*sigh* I want those Contest of Champions 'Mates... :confused:

Search ‘Contest Minimate’ on eBay. There is a set of both for $14.99 BIN w/ free shipping.

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Great! I was looking through and saw some for $18 or Best Offer too. Glad you got a set - I like 'em.

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