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Awesome Marvel Omnibus Deal - Amazon $14.99


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I posted this earlier at Slick Deals, but figured many of you might also be interested. Amazon is currently offering the following titles for $14.99 a piece. Not sure how the shipping will work out for our UK and Canadian brethren but for our US posters, this is a pretty incredible deal. Here are a few that I noticed:

Daredevil, Omnibus 1 (Brubaker) []

Daredevil, Omnibus 2 (Bendis)

Captain America, Omnibus 2

Wolverine, Omnibus Vol 1

X-Men, Omnibus Vol 1

Fantastic Four, Omnibus Vol 1

Invincible Iron Man, Omnibus Vol 1

Tomb of Dracula, Omnibus Vol (Variant Cover)

Golden Age Marvel Comics, Omnibus Vol 1

Ultimates, Omnibus Vol 1

Incredible Hulk, Omnibus Vol 1

Secret Wars Omnibus

Secret Wars II Omnibus

Howard the Duck Omnibus

Old Man Logan

Dark X-Men/Dark Avengers: Utopia

War of Kings (Paperback)

I also noticed that there were a few Dynamite titles listed:

Lone Ranger, Vol 4 HC

Zorro, Vol 2 HC

They also had a lot of the Dark Horse Omnibus titles listed as well. Stuff like The Mask, Predator, Aliens, etc.

As for me, I'm already in for the two Daredevil books, Wolverine Vol 1, Invincible Iron Man, The X-Men, Old Man Logan, Thor, and a few Deadpool books.

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Thanks for the heads up. And I'll offer up to any members outside the US that want cheaper shipping than what Amazon offers, I'm always willing to be the middle man for C+S-just PM me. I live 2 minutes away from their distribution center and get most stuff delivered the next day.

On a related note, I was able to stop in their warehouse yesterday for the first time and it is truly an amazing place.

edit: And the Ultimates Omnibus, which has the first two series and a few other comics, is $8+. That's cheap for one of the best comics of the last decade.

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I just went for the ones that were $8, so $57 later gets me:

X-Men 1

Wolverine 1

Fantastic Four 1

Invincible Iron Man 1

Daredevil 1

Daredevil 2

Death of Capt America

Not bad!

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I love how the new price for many of these are way cheaper than used prices. I noticed it's most collected Marvel stuff also (not just omnibus'). I picked up the big collected editions of Exiles (1-3) for $14.99 each (each edition has around 19 issues collected) and noticed they have alot of collected editions of other titles too at that price.

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Something doesn't seem right here. The regular price on Amazon is listed as $15, and the sale price is $8? Insanity. I'm gonna order some, but I'll fully expect a "whoops, this was an accident" e-mail and refund.

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I just grabbed Hulk Vol I and Secret Wars I for $8 each! And now it seems the insanely low sale prices are done. Most are back to the $40 to $60 dollar range. Am VERY glad I checked out this thread this morning!

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Glad to be of help - hopefully these go through. I've had a few titles indicate that they are shipping or will be soon (Walking Dead HC Vol 1, Old Man Logan, Invincible Iron Man (Fraction)) but am really hoping that I'm in for the two Daredevil books. Aside from those, the other titles are just gravy.

FYI, I do accept gifts of generosity :P

Good luck everyone!

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Same here. I had ordered two each of Secret Wars and Hulk, and then got an email saying it was a glitch and I could only get one of each at that price.

Kinda disappointing, but not that bad in the longview.

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Well, I got $1185 worth of comics for $170 so I'm not complaining too much. Yeah, I ordered a lot of stuff I wouldn't have normally gotten, but it was hard to pass up and I know my kids and I will enjoy them. But there were a few things I'm real excited to get (and hopefully do).

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Well, EFF me. My ENTIRE order of 9 Omnibus volumes has been canceled. "Pricing error, out of stock" etc.

Anyone know how to send in a complaint to Amazon, and would it even be worthwhile?

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Sorry to hear that Jad, although I fear a lot of people might end up in the same boat you're in.

I would contact their customer service through their website, but I'm doubting you'll have much luck. My recent experience is that you, the customer, don't mean much to them.

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