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Space Police III


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It pains me to say it but by the looks of things and after much speculation, like all good things, SP3 is coming to an end(LEGO announced their focus of 2010 will be Atlantis and the new Knights series). But Lego is sending it out with a bang!

Undercover Cruiser:

Lunar Limo:

Space Police Central:

I will probably skip the Cruiser, but the Limo and Central are INCREDIBLE!!!! The Limo is a great and sleek set, and the Police HQ is by far one of the best Lego bases done so far.

For the minifigs there is a good new selection. "Hench" is a pretty good figure, he's pretty humorous looking. It appears he is the Snake of this wave, he's included in every set. The "Insectoid" is pretty damn neat, loving that torso. They could've picked a better Helmet, as the Skull Twin helmet seemed rather special for the Skull Twins and them alone. I would've gone with Snake or Slizers helmet, or just something totally new. Rather curious as to know what's under his helmet. But the "Brickfather" is definitely the star of this wave! He's a great fantastic minifig!! Looks like he is possibly the leader of the Black Hole Gang. Absolutely perfect, he's by far the coolest alien Lego has released IMO. Billy Mays guarantee you I'll have him!!!

SP3 has been an excellent wave(took the spotlight for 09), and while it's sad to see it go I'm hoping the end of a revamped Space Police will mark the start of a revamped Blacktron! We got a bit of a Blacktron homage with SP3 villain Rench, so here's to hoping that'll come to fruition.

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By making the bad guys aliens, it helps Lego maintain the "all people are good" theme that seems to fill their non-licensed sets of late. The last batch of Castle sets had orcs as the villains. The Atlantis sets seem to have fish people as the bad guys. Power Miners had rock monsters.

I kinda wish I had collected these, as the Space Police were my favorite sets as a kid. But Minimates are already bleeding me dry, so I couldn't justify another collectible. I've never understood why they can't just keep making sets instead of shelving themes for a few years before wheeling them back out. I guess it's to keep them from getting stale and to justify you buying the same sets over and over again, albeit updated and adjusted to fit whatever new twist is involved.

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that argument was actually just being discussed at Eurobricks, drgnrbrn316. Lego really does kind of support Xenophobia.

If you've noticed as of late, most newer action themes don't last more than a few years. Agents: 07-09, Pirates: 08-09, Power Miners: 09-10, Batman: 05-08, Exo-Force: 05-07, Vikings: 05-06, Knights Kingdom: 04-07, and now you can chalk SP3 up there. I suppose it's better this way.

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