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Universal Monsters Minimates

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Zach Oat Posted 02 March 2013 - 10:01 PM

stack32, on 02 Mar 2013 - 08:08, said:snapback.png

I've had enough of alternate universe/future X-boxsets to last a lifetime.

No special attachment to 70s Marvel for me but I'm definitely picking this up. Morbius is the big draw, but even Blade looks cool, especially with the stake-throwing accessory. Strange seems like a pretty worthwhile upgrade too.

If Universal Monsters is dead, a follow-up Strange Tales set would seem like a perfect release around Halloween.

"If Universal Monsters was canceled due to poor sales, I can't imagine a Dracula/Frankenstein set would be at the top of the list. But the Zombie character..."

The above quote is from Zach in the Strange Tales box set forum. I guess this is official confirmation the Universal Mates line is cancelled? sad.png Sad if true, but thank you so much for what we did get! I don't believe there has ever been a Dwight Frye Renfield, and I'm thrilled to own him!

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Dear DST, Zach, et. al

Thank you for the UM minimates. Sincerely.

I was never a big UM fan. I came to them as a minimate fan. I've bought so many duplicates of every wave because I simply love monster designs. Then I found a great deal on the UM Blu Ray box set, and for the first time ever actually watched those classics from start to finish. I appreciate them even more now as a new UM fan. Sure, I had some of the 3 3/4inch Remco monsters as a kid, but I'm not a UM expert. But I think you guys are the first ever to make figures of Colin Clive's Dr Frankenstein and Dwight Frye's Renfield.

I'm sad the line is now ended. I hope DST comes back some year to do more, I'll buy every one you guys ever make.

But again, thank you for the Universal Monster & supporting cast minimates you made.

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Argh. So Mezco apparently picked up the UM license. At the moment it appears to be for 9" stylized figures.

I'm gonna be pissed if I see a little turd-shaped Invisible Man hanging on the pegs at some point...

To be fair, they’ve had the license and it overlapped/overlaps with DST’s (Mezco released a kick ass 9inch Frankenstein and an awful 18inch Frankenstein last year around the same time the Hunchback/Mummy sets hit TRU and this year Mezco is releasing the Mummy and DST is still releasing UM Selects)

so if Mezco makes UM Mez-Itz it’s not them taking over the license preventing more minimates, it’s them making Mez-Itz while DST decides UM minimates aren’t worth producing.

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Picture request time:

Frankenstein's Monster head/hands/feet on a Herman Munster body. Or just with the brown jacket/arms from Herman. Debating on picking up a Munsters set (or two) but would like to see how it looks first, since it's primarily for giving my Frank a little variety.


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So, you have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy with your vehicles?

Back on topic, I'm surprised we haven't really seen any customs of some of the unreleased figures. Maybe that just shows how little interest there really is in this line.

I tend to lean towards Lego's for stuff, like my big castle set-up and haunted house. So the mixing/matching never really did it for me. *shrugs*

It's also frustrating, as I'd want to buy a couple/three Herman sets for extra figures... and have extra vehicles doing me extra no-good.

As for customs of unreleased figures, I've thought time-and-again about how to make some of these guys, even using existing sculpted parts from the Kubrick versions... but I just can't come up with a good way to do them. And I like being able to make customs that I can play with, pose and so forth. Not ones where I have to put them in a glass display and leave them alone or the paint/etc. will come off. So it's a frustrating thing for me to want to make them but not have any concrete ideas on how to pull it off.

Somebody, I forget who, put together customs of both the Phantom and the Invisible Man and I've been sorely tempted to look this individual up and ask them about commission possibilities.

I swear, not having a Phantom, Invisible Man and Metaluna Mutant is murdersome to me.

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