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Star Wars TIE Defender and New Hoth set!


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So I recently picked up a set of the Expanded Universe TIE Defender (see pic) and it is so awesome! I walked down the Lego aisle and saw it sitting there (not knowing before hand that this set was even being made) and was immediately transported back to 8th grade playing the PC TIE Fighter game with some of my friends and thinking this ship was the coolest thing ever! Man I was so excited to pick this set up and build it. By far the coolest of the TIE ships. Anyone else remember playing that game?

Then I also discovered the upcoming Hoth Wampa Cave set and remembered how much I love SW legos despite thier expensive punches to my wallet. They are also doing another version of Slave 1 which is of course cooler looking than the one I have but I will be strong and not replace the one I have, I will be strong, I will be strong, I will be strong!


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