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Taken shamelessly from Art Asylum's Facebook page:

"I can confirm that Black Queen Jean will NOT be the one-per-case variant. (And we're not doing anything sneaky like making it a two-per-case variant)"


I guess this must be 'none in the case' & the first 'Straight to ebay variant' :(

Nothing much new there then :unsure:

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>>>And we can totally make a Mrs. Garrett custom with that hairpiece! Giiiirrrrrlls!

>>>I'm turning Rogue into Jo.

>>>I dont have Storm so Ill have to use War Machine for Tootie

LOL! Facts of Life 'mates FTW.

Blair could be made from Ms. Marvel... Don't know who you could use for Natalie... Kingpin?? Rachel Summers could sub for Molly Ringwald...

Maybe it's time for that Diff'rent Strokes boxed set that we've all dreamed of...

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I am a bit surprised, frankly. We are getting two Jeans in the X-Factor/X-Men box sets, then no doubt Jim Lee Jean in this wave as the "common," so this makes 4 Jean Greys within the span of, what, 6-7 months of each other? Still only 2 Rogues will exist as of the release of this wave, with both apparently being variants of the same version. . .oh, well.

Even if it was the Goblin Queen variant?

Jennifer Connely?


I LOVE that film. Although - i don't think she ever married David Bowie though :P

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Well that's crazy. Given that they've shut down the voting/guessing... I don't think there was a single guess including Black Queen that didn't also include 90's Jean. Unless they're counting generic "Jean Grey" guesses as equivalent to Black Queen.

If Jean's not the variant, the most likely candidate is Beast. Guesses with Dark Beast and some form of Jean Grey:

Jean Grey, Jubilee, Dark Beast

SO... Jubilee fans rejoice? All two of you?

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Having never read the story she appears this way in, Bondage Jean seems a bit fan-servicey to me, but I wasn't too bothered since she was clearly the variant.... except now she's not? Really weird.

Maybe her variant is a new Emma Frost, and we'll still get regular Jean on the side?

We still have 2 to go, so i beg to DST that this is the case. I'd be immensely happy to have Jeanie in her Jim Lee suit, AND NOT BE the variant (very dumb move!!!!!!!!!!), and i'd be overjoyed to get an updated Hellfire Emma to stand next to Black Queen. If anyone's actually been following my posts :P, that was my one gripe; old Emma not looking all-too-nice with new Black Queen. Styles are 100% different.

Please DST. Look at our posts. I hope this is the case.

Oh, and that would also coincide with some of our TRU guesses. I'm REALLY starting to think the two exclusives (IF this is a TRU-part wave, that is) are:

90s Wolverine/Omega Red




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Having never read the story she appears this way in, Bondage Jean seems a bit fan-servicey to me, but I wasn't too bothered since she was clearly the variant.... except now she's not? Really weird.

Yeah, she was only that way for a few issues, when she was under the control of Mastermind. This, in part, contributed to her emergence as "Dark Phoenix". Personally, I think it is a pretty lame variant, but no more so than "Days of Future Past" Wolverine. At least this one is visually interesting. And the story was really great (the Claremont/Byrne X-Men period is one of the finest comic collaborations there has been--up there with Lee/Kirby and Wolfman/Perez). I'm pretty sure she is the variant, btw, even though she wasn't announced last. This would be a very strange choice for a "common" release, in my opinion. Certainly alongside 90s Jim Lee X-Men.

--edit: I see now that this has been announced as not being the variant. I wonder who it could be, then? Maybe it will be Selene. . .or maybe a Wolverine variant to complement brown Wolverine--

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I think there's going to be a riot now if we don't get Jim Lee Jean Grey somewhere in this wave. Having Black Queen Jean not be the variant seems like a very, very strange move to me... maybe the idea of Selene (or some other Hellfire Club member) as the variant will prove to be right, after all.

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--edit: I see now that this has been announced as not being the variant.

This is by in large one of the oddest choice of "main release" I've ever seen. She appeared in a single beat of a single (though highy memorable) arc. Like Bliz said, it'd be silly not to package her separate from the guards, but then... what? Selene as the varaint? The much more demanded Jim Lee Jean Grey as the varaint? Or include Jean with Scott, another Jean with the guard... and then a variant... who? Wolverine Brown as a variant of the Black Queen?

This is making my head hurt.

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Dark Beast would be killer

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my guess would mirror blizzerd's comment that Hellfire Jean is a perfect match for Hellfire guard, and if that is indeed the official pack, then the established formula would mean a variation on Jean is the way they're going to go. And in keeping with the idea that this is a Jim Lee wave (has there been anything announced yet that doesn't fit somewhere that general era?) it would make perfect sense that the JL Jean would be the variant.

what doesn't make sense is the fact that she's the variant instead of Hellfire Jean.

that statement is the only reason why I might think that Dark Beast would be the variant for this wave.

However, Dark Beast doesn't really fit with the rest of the wave (I missed the AoA storyline... but from what I understand, it isn't part of Jim Lee's mark on the X-World, correct?) so he would be the odd man out.

And since we know that we're already getting parts for Beast that would work on Dark Beast, my wager is that we will be seeing Dark Beast in a future release. what exactly he will be tied with (an AoA boxset? a random TRU pack? a future themeless wave?) is the question.

... of course, all of that is based very strongly on the assumption that this wave is a Jim Lee wave. Lobsterman has a good point. Just because all the evidence points pretty difinitively at that, we won't know for sure till it's all announced...


just a random thought... we're still assuming that the next character is going to be a costume we havent seen. This wave is already giving us a new Rogue which is basically the same as the original release, just with the jacket (though personally, I love the new one and wouldn't even think of complaining about it) ... What's to say that they aren't going to give us another Dark Phoenix?

I certainly hope not. We really don't need a remake of her... but with the addition of gold paint in recent releases (like the SI Jean), I wouldn't put it past them to do a remake.

Edited by Donny B
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Nice looking minimate but I was still hoping it would be Sebastian Shaw.

(#$%! we need some more villains!!)

Black Queen Jean (sounds like a Southern Rock song) is a villain. . .sort of.

I agree she is "sort of" a villain, but I just think the Hellfire Guards would be better along side a Sebastian Shaw (I guess I can always dream they will make a box set with Shaw, Pierce, Leland, etc...)

On a side note when my wife saw a picture of the Black Queen, she said Jean looked like a tranny due to the middle crotch piece. :lol:

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Is it possible that Black Queen is the variant, and that Regular Jean will also come with the Hellfire Goon. . . and that Cyclops will be packed with . . . Sinister?

That's what everyone thought until they said that Jean Black Queen wasn't the variant. Which is kind of weird because of the two versions, Black Queen should be the variant and Jim Lee Jean be the common.

It may mean we won't get Jim Lee Jean at all, but Omega Red or Mr. Sinister as the final piece. The Black Queen's variant could be an updated White Queen or Tessa/Sage or even Selene.

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