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Yeah, its gotten too much for me.  I paid more than I wanted to for the SSC Green Lantern PFEX but I really liked the design.  I am a Thanos fan, but not at $1200.  I passed on Hulk v Wolverine for same reason and wasn't real crazy about Hulks portrait.  The market is flooded and prices have gone crazy while quality lacks.  I think I have what I want and am prepared to sit out for a while.  My only new piece is the up coming Tweeterhead Wonder Woman.

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On 12/7/2016 at 5:38 PM, The Scarlet Spider said:

Allow me to attempt to revive this thread. 

Im looking to get into collecting a few statues and would prefer a line of them. I like staying with the same brand/artist for similar style. I'm mainly a spider verse type guy ? Pete, Ben, Kaine, Gwen, Venom, Carnage, Green Goblin, but also dig Wolverine and his rogues gallery. 

If anyone has anything in mind I'd greatly appreciate it!

Not to be a DST shill, but depending on your budget, our Premier Collection recently re-started with Spider-Gwen unmasked, and a masked version is upcoming, and I assume a Spidey will happen at some point; not sure about clones, symbiotes more likely. $150 each, about 12" scale most are sculpted by Clayburn Moore. Clay did an unmasked brown costume which may be a smaller scale, but the upcoming unmasked yellow Wolverine is by Phil Ramirez.

If 9" scale and PVC aren't turnoffs, then our $45 Marvel Gallery line has been getting praise as well, and we've done Spidey, black costume Spidey, Spider-Gwen, and I assume symbiotes will happen at some point. Artists vary, though -- Spidey is Mat Brouillard, Gwen is Jean St. Jean.

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I like the new DST stuff.  Spiderman was at my TRU on the last trip I made.  I have not seen the Hulk yet but I think I want it. I am also pretty sure I want the Psylocke.  I hope you guys get that "companion piece" Silver Surfer made.

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