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Stuck pieces?

Captain Minimate

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Hey guys, I was just putting some LEGO together when I accidentally got two LEGO pieces of the same thing stuck above one another, and can't get them apart.

Anyone know how to split them? Does the freezer thing work with LEGO as well?

Thanks, Capt. :)

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I'm no expert but if you attach a larger /tighter fitting piece to the top brick & one to the bottom brick & then squeeze together before peeling it all apart. Hopefully the smaller bricks adhere to the larger ones.

Tried the larger brick thing just now. Nope :(

And now I just found out something even worse! The box I got included one extra single stud and one extra transparent red piece! (Well, not really bad, but the next bit is worse) I then saw that I was missing one flat 2x2 and two flat 1x1's!!! :nopity: (Lol that's ironic 'cause I play violin :P)

Anyone else got ideas?

Edit: Oh never mind the missing pieces thing, I found them in the freezer. XD

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Do those actually work? They'd be really useful to me or an collector if they do what they are supposed to, since I buy tons of lego sets to scrap for parts.

I do what super spider piggy said. I just pull and hope it comes apart, since I've tried freezer/hot water and soap. THat only seems to work on Mates.

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"Bad Fowl"

....& dont call me Heather :angry:

I bought a set of Brick Separators (trade name LEGO LETGOs) recently & the instructions include the following instruction:

"Before attempting removal the bricks in the fridge for an hour,then boil them."

You will,of course,need a bloody great saucepan to fit the fridge in :blush: Everybody other than SSP should first of all disconnect the power-supply to the fridge before immersion.

I tried this with little success.

Could anybody suggest a way of separating my LEGO LETGOs which are now stuck together?

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