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2009 minimate hunt official thread.

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The Minimate Multiverse Photo Hunt 2009!

This year there are a couple of simple changes to the format.

The first is that pre-registering a hunt buddy minimate is going to be scrapped, It's caused issues & delays in the past and isn't really needed so I'm doing away with it!

The second is that the challenges below are going to be worth between 1-3 points each this time. This is to encourage creativity and reward those who go to the extra effort with their pictures.


Sadly this year I didn't get to go to SDCC to beg for blanks and giveaways so this yrs prizes were donated by Matt at DST and Luke's Toy Store.

1st place.

Cyberdine assault 4 pack,

Champions 4 pack,

Thunderbolts 4 pack,

Spirit movie 4 pack,

BTTF 3 4 pack

Bullseye and Moonstone pack

and a Ghostbusters Blank from SDCC.

2nd Place.

Champions 4 pack,

Spirit movie 4 pack,

BTTF 3 4 pack

Bullseye and Moonstone pack

and a Ghostbusters Blank from SDCC.

3rd place

Thunderbolts 4 pack

Spirit movie 4 pack

and a Ghostbusters Blank from SDCC.

4th til I run out ( I suspect that anyone completing all of the challenges will get one though!)

Ghostbusters Blank from SDCC.

I am also going to give a Bullseye/moonstone pack & Ghostbusters Blank to whoever creates my favourite picture from the whole contest!

So what do you have to do?:

You need to read the rules below and then create a unique Mini-Team-Mate who will be your buddy for all of your pictures. This can be as simple just a headswap, we just want you to have a unique minimate for your pictures. Then you need to look at the challenges below and take a picture for each of them.

This year is slightly different in that we are having simply having 32 regular challenges but those are going to be worth 1-3 points. Every completed challenge will get 1 point with possible extra points for effort and entertainment. Be creative, the secret to this contest is to have fun and just go with what you can do, I think most challenges should be possible fairly easily.

Obviously the winner is the person with the highest points total or in the event of a draw: the best collection of entries as decided by our judges.

All entries are to be submitted by email to

The contest starts NOW and ends on October 3rd at Midnight EST.

The Challenges:

1.Picture of your minimate preparing for this contest.

2.Picture of you and your minimate vs pirates. (Last yr was ninja's so we needed this for cosmic balance)

3.Picture of your and your minimate protesting DST for a Kang minimate.

4.Picture of your minimate with a librarian

5.Picture of your minimate dressed up as a battle beast.

6.Picture of your minimate in a museum.

7.Picture of your minimate freeing some his siblings from the prison of minimate packaging.

8.Picture of your minimate with a 'disney zombie'.

9.Picture of your minimate with something good, something bad and something ugly!

10.Picture of your minimate proving they are NOT a cylon.

11.Picture of your minimate and a Staypuft Man manmade out of actual marshmellows. (Bonus points for flaming if you can do it SAFELY!)

12.Picture of your minimate travelling VERY fast...

13.Picture of your minimate making you an offer you cant refuse.

14.Picture of your minimate with something unique.

15.Picture of your minimate by a real fountain or waterfall

16.Picture of your minimate pretending to be TBT!

17.Picture of your minimate being abducted by aliens.

18.Picture of your minimate trying to flirt with an real person (Must not be yourself).

19.Picture of your minimate in a desert or dessert (bonus points for both in one pic!).

20.Picture of your minimate online at or

21.Picture of you and your minimate dancing like disco is still cool!

22.Picture of your minimate proving size does not matter. (Remember we are a family friendly site!)

23.Picture of you and your minimate ordering or eating food at a resturant.

24.Picture of your minimate with an army of henchmen.

25.Picture of you and your minimate in TRU buying minimates.

26.Picture of your minimate with a Goth Girl. ( last minute addition)

27.Picture of your minimate taking the photo for one of the other challenges.

28.Picture of you and your minimate with a sports team.

29.Picture of your minimate at the Art Asylum.

30.Recreate your favourite challenge from previous MMV Hunt contest using your minimate (Must be a new photo)

31.Picture of your minimate designing or building an evil lair

32.Picture of your minimate celebrating completing all of the above challenges!

~Bonus#6: Picture of your minimate going crazy with a highlighter.~


By entering the contest you are confirming you have read and agree to the following rules.

1. MinimateMultiverse takes no responsibility or liability for any broken laws, damage or general mayhem caused in the process of getting these photos. You shouldn't need to but If you want to do something dodgy to get these pictures then you are totally on your own.

2. No Photoshop etc. These pictures need to be taken and submitted 'as is', any signs of photoshop will mean disqualification.

3. Only one picture per challenge should be submitted.

4. All entries must be submitted by email and any images posted here or at any other site before the contest ends will be voided from the contest. (We want to keep it fun and make you take your own pictures not have other people steal your ideas)

5. Any entries that we do not receive either due to timing or technical issues are not the responsibility of MinimateMultiverse.

6. The Judges will take into consideration artistic and entertainment value to decide if necessary the tiebreaker'.

7. The Judges decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

8. MinimateMultiverse has the right to change the contest or rules at any time. This includes but is not limited to the completion date and prizes

I'm going to change the signs and omens thread to this yrs general banter thread so feel free to chat and stuff in there!

Well have at it guys... I'm looking forward to seeing these and hope you all have fun playing along.

If you have any questions etc then shoot TBT! a PM or use the email above and he'll try to clarify rules or interpretations.


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OK folks... I have the results... I have to say this took so long because it was a real struggle to seperate the top entries, pretty much anyone who sent all 32 were in with a chance!

The top three are:


Bob Harris




Max Carnage

Second and third place had identical scores but because VBpannizi had my favourite pic of the whole contest he just gets the edge! ( yes it was his disco picture!)

Fave pic of the contest ( excluding top 3 winners, cos they get enough already!) was REALLY hard to choose, If I had my way everyone would win this because there were so many awesome pix that made me laugh or smile, but I had to give it to someone...

Ivan for his abducted by aliens!

Everyone else who sent in entries will be getting a 2009 SDCC Ghostbusters Blank!

Thanks to all that entered and I will start to post the galleries tomorrow :)


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