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Battle Beasts Minimates

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Don't think so, fatcow. I believe that the line has been put on hiatus to see about alternate methods of distribution. The 2-pack pre-orders are just not there. Sent from my iPod using fingers. ;)

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Sorry Fatcow, not happening as planned, may happen some other way but no info at this time.

But seriously, I don't know what else to say. I hear some more of the TRU sets have stated to trickle out at TRU stores, must have been hidden somewhere. If we had a comic in the pipeline, Series 2 would be coming out. We're exploring our options.

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This was by far one of my favorite series. The level of detail was amazing and the whole theme was made for minimates! I'm hoping that there will somehow be some way for these to get out and continue. I enjoyed the book as well and I rarely read comics anymore.

As much as I don't like blind bags, it seems Battle Beasts would be a good fit for them.
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Hello everyone!

I just got back from a field
research course in Belize. This past spring, I started a Master's in
Zoology program that concentrates on field conservation efforts, so for
the next three summers, I will be traveling to a foreign country for
class. And I plan to bring some battle beasts with me to each country
that I go to. And I started that this year with Belize. While in Belize,
I got to study and see out in the wild Black Howler Monkeys, Manatees,
Sting Rays (Southern, Yellow and Spotted Eagle Rays), Conchs, Scorpions,
Coral Reef and many more. And I got to swim with a 9 foot Bull Shark
and a 3 foot Barracuda. It was a ton of work, and I am absolutely
exhausted coming back, but it has been an amazing journey. Anyways, on to pictures!


Minimates snake at the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha with the western building of the main plaza in the background.


It's not a great picture, because it was just taken as a screen grab real
quick off of my underwater camera, but it has a lot of meaning to me. I
took Sawtooth Shark out in the ocean with me. I went snorkeling and
free-diving past "the Wall" at the barrier reef of Belize. The water I
was in was 4000 feet deep and had 8-10 foot waves while we were out
there. But, I had Sawtooth Shark strapped in inside one of my pockets,
and after about several hours in the water, a 9 foot Bull Shark came
swimming up to me to check me out. I have a video that I took of him
swimming under neath me after he went to swim away. It was amazing. So I
took this picture just after I got back into the boat.


Anteater, Aardvark and Tapir enjoying a Belizean iced coffee in the village of
Placencia. (As a little side note, the Tapir is the national animal of
Belize, hence why I took him with!)


Chameleon operating a night mission in the waters off of Tobacco Caye. Here, the
water was only a couple feet deep, and Chameleon is posed on a rock he
has just crawled out of the water onto. However, we are only about half a
mile away from "the Wall" where the depth will rapidly drop from about
30-40 feet deep to suddenly several thousand feet deep.


Iguana and Snake dueling in the sands of Tobacco Caye, towards the center of
the island. The island itself was only 5 acres, so even at the center of
the island, it was still white sand beach.



Chameleon, Iguana, Leapin' Lizard and Snake at the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha, with the western building in the background.


Chameleon, Iguana, Leapin' Lizard and Snake doing some rock climbing at Altun Ha,
with the Temple of the Sun God in the background.

Edited by delta chameleon
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I bought my first set of Battlebeast minimates last week. I think they are pretty cool, except the joints were all stuck due to the paint. I was afraid I was going to break the arms and legs while trying to bend them at the joints. That didn't stop me from bidding on an auction for the four sets from wave one on Ebay. I ended up winning them for a whopping $18.98 shipped. I can't wait to check them all out.

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I have a couple of questions for anyone that may be able to answer.

Has the small sword from Nychirix been used for any other figures?


Does anyone keep track of female versus male accessories? For example, the sword above has a hole instead of a peg, but in the same Antalor/Nychirix set there is a horn (pictured below) that features a peg instead of a hole. This type of information would be really helpful when trying to figure out what pieces can be used for which figures.


Hail Ivan

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