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TRU Secret Wars boxset revealed


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Um, guys?? Dont we feel we're getting just a tad:


Okay, maybe i just wanted an excuse to finally use that one...either way, though, maybe this rant belongs in the Marvel Wish List thread?? Just a thought. ;)

you are probably right :comp26:

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Good point, Mirymate. Storm is one of the bigger names from the options given & as several other people have pointed out, she would fit into a number of sets (80's X-Men, Inferno & Fall of the Mutants have been mentioned already).

I'm disappointed we wont be getting her this time around & it makes the set a little less of a go-er for me, but the board has perked me up and given me hope that we'll be seeing her elsewhere shortly.

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Did DST know something when they planned this boxset?

Either way, i'm sure they're pleased by this news!

It's just been announced at the Chicago Comic-Con that they will be releasing a "Spider-Man and the Secret Wars" limited series.

Basically it's a retelling of the Secret Wars from Spiderman's point of view.

Here's the link to the CBR article.

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So yeah... if DST Won't make one I will ;)

Ok, so this is mostly just a re-build of an very old custom of mine with repainted Daken hair!




I still find it hard to believe the character that won the DST poll couldn't make the top 6 ( or 8 If you count variants) in the TRU poll!


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Did they say that Spider-Woman and Molecule Man were numbers five and six or did they say they're making them because they were crucial to the story?

If DST was clear about anything with their answer, they were clearly vague. (apologies to both Dana Carvey and G.H.W. Bush)

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Anyone else get a back order notice on these? I ordered them the day they came available on WTH?

I received the same notice, but I assume that it doesn't mean anything. TRU's pre-order updates are all over the place, and typically don't make any sense.

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Yeah, I got a weird automated email today from TRU saying my pre-ordered item would be delayed. And like Turtle, it appears to be backordered now. What worries me is the thought that they oversold these things on their website, and I may have trouble getting what I paid for. No where near paniced about it by any means, but definitly uneasy.

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