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TRU Secret Wars boxset revealed


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Looking at the picture and knowing that its a prob set up with proto figures so the quality is not 100% on the figures. First impression is disappointment.

The Spidey looks bad worse then the art work

Captain Marvel also looks off the skin tone seems to be grey and the cape seems to be different from the art

Beyonder looks to me like the comic art but its also a bland figure nothing jumps out about it

Doom is the best of the bunch brings back memories of the SW action figures I saw years ago, the holster seems like it was sculpted at the last second.

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What the...?! Where's mohawk Storm? Where's Molecule Man? OMG, I'm gonna pass out! Nah... not really. A little surprized is more like it. I knew CM a Bond Spidey would make the set, but am totally surprized by Doom and Beyonder. I just hope this set sells well enough to warrant a second one with MM and Storm. Fingers crossed.

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So why the F*CK did i bother voting?

Sorry about the anger there, but i thought we were getting Captain Marvel, Storm & Molecule Man?

I wondered why the Toys R Us poll results weren't being shown to voters. I'm starting to think that the poll was announced at the Toys'R'Us to make sure certain characters would be included even if the AA poll didn't see them get in.

I guess i should be thankful that Wolverine didn't end up in here too!

Here's hoping that a second box-set see's the release of Molecule Man & Mohawk Storm.

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Whaaaaat?!?! What happened to Storm? She was in second place in the poll!

God, I feel like an abused hooker preordering this set. I really want Captain Marvel, so I'll probably choke down the other three to get her. TRU, you are a cruel, cruel Minimates pimp.

I wonder about the argument for "keeping open the possibility of a second set." It seems to me that either (1) the TRU voters had such drastically different taste than us to have outnumbered our votes, that this should be a total win, sales-wise, or (2) TRU was like, "eff the poll results. These are the characters we want in the set."

Either way, it looks like our voting pattern was not in the "mainstream," so I see no realistic reason they'd come back with another set. I hold out hope that, because she's already designed, and Daken has the same mohawk mold, Storm will show up in a regular Marvel wave down the road sometime.


Arrggh! I just read the stupid marketing copy for the set.

these characters represent some of the most well-developed, visually-distinct and fan favorite characters of all time

Beyonder is not visually distinct. He's a guy in a white jumpsuit. A black biker chick with a mohawk is fricking visually distinct!


Wait. Did they just not want to put two black women in one set? I'm calling the NAACP. ;)

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I have a modest proposal:

It sounds like more than a few people are only interested in one character out of this set. So, I was wondering if anyone wanted to team up and split the cost of one set to get that one character.

I only want Captain Marvel. Is anyone interested in going in with me on the set for Beyonder, Doom or Spidey?

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The more I think about this the more it annoys me!

For those who cant be bothered to find it here were the final votes for the DST site... They didn't publish the TRU one!

Ben Grimm (4.0%, 75 Votes)

Beyonder (13.0%, 242 Votes)

Beyonder (Energy Form) (5.0%, 100 Votes)

Captain Marvel (14.0%, 257 Votes)

Captain Marvel (Energy Form) (1.0%, 27 Votes)

Dr Doom (10.0%, 182 Votes)

Molecule Man (14.0%, 251 Votes)

Spider-Woman (9.0%, 162 Votes)

Storm (15.0%, 267 Votes)

Symbiote Bond Spider-Man (14.0%, 265 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,828

IMO they should at least have put the highest voted figure of the fan poll in the box?


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*sigh* Some days, it's really hard to be a positive thinker. Looks like I'll be buying four figures just to get Capt Marvel. Although Doom is okay, just wasn't on my wish list. Not like Storm was. I'm going to miss Storm.

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As much as I respect whichever fine establishment put out this boxset, I'm finding it hard to even imagine that this hella-more-random-than-usual assortment was some voting majority's dream lineup. Maybe it was Doom AND Spidey both appearing in the set, with the "unimpressive-looking" Beyonder piled up on top of it all. And to think Storm, Molecule Man, "fleshy" Ben Grimm or even a new-and-improved Julia Carpenter could have replaced any of them. I guess I was just hoping for some more variety, that's all.

Is it wrong for me to hope the other six choices still get a fighting chance somewhere? :sweat:

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Here's how I think their calculus breaks down:

Step one: Spidey – No question. You have to put him in the box set.

Step two: Heroes vs. villians – they wanted to have an even split, and the voting as it stood in DST's poll put it at 3 heroes to one villian. So, that brings us to...

Step three: Villians – There were three to choose from. Doom made the cut because he's the most recognizable one of the three. Beyonder made the cut because he's, ahem, "critical" to the storyline. Molley, although he got the most votes, is a WTF character for anyone who isn't a 35+-year-old comic nerd. Just not going to move the units with moms and kids. I guess.

And, finally,

Step four: Trying to regain some comic nerd cred – One slot left. Storm got the most votes, but she could conceivably fit into another wave somewhere (in fact, her popularity suggests she could be a sales driver for another wave, so why waste her here when Spidey's going to move this set?) Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is fairly obscure, and was really iconically linked with Secret Wars. So, this could be their only shot to make her a Minimate. Plus, including her as a "fan favorite" deflects at least a little of the criticism that they're just pandering to the mainstream.

And they can't put two black women in one box set. Racists. ;)

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well I know that there are alot of us not overly pleased by this but I am sure a few more of the not-used-in-this-set characters will show up down the road as the numbers they got in the poll shows a demand for them. After all DST is really pulling no punches in the recent releases so I would expect some of them to come up sooner or later.

Jeff of the Miniacs

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