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Holy crap, Batman!

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Wow. That's crazy.

And I think it's weird that the Joker's plot to sell Joker-gas ice cream is described as wickedly funny. "Hey, remember that time the Joker poisoned a bunch of kids? That was funny." I guess I just don't get Danish humor.

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Don't be surprised at all. I LOVE ToyWiz; they're a really great, reliable company, and have ordered with them many times. Their main problem?? Costs. Theyjack up the price on EVERYTHING, especially things that don't deserve it at all. I've seen some of their single-sold LEGO minifigures priced at $30 or more. It's awful and stealing money.

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Forgive me if I missed something but did we come out of this recession while I wasn't paying attention? Clearly someone thinks some else has ample income they wish to dispose of.

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Toywiz is a little high, but they aren't that far out of line on this one. (Despite the fact that they suck at everything else they do and stand for.)

A quick look at completed Ebay listings for Batman LEGO shows:

Mr Freeze set averages around $120 - ish.

Two Face set avg $100 - ish

Batwing $85-ish

Arkham $200-ish

Tumbler/Joker van $150 to $200-ish

Robin $49-ish

Batcave $200+

What I find interesting is the price individual figures are going for:

Joker $30-ish by himself

A lot of 8 minifigs was snatched up at the low, low price of $43.00

IMO these sets are going up for a variety of factors. Limited shelf life, iconic characters, appeals to multiple collector groups (both LEGO fanatics and Batman fans are competing for these) and the very real possibility that LEGO may not manufacture any more sets ever - despite continuing to hold the license (last I knew).

New LEGO product news will start trickling out this fall. Hopefully Batman will be back on the shelves in the LEGO aisle. There's so much ground still to cover for this line. I can't believe Spongebob has out-lived Batman at LEGO.

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Frustratingly enough, it looks like there aren't any. In last month's Toyfare, there was a question about the Batman license and a Lego rep said they still have the license but no sets were planned. I don't understand the logic there, but as a huge Batman fan I'm sure my opinion is biased.

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