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Cereal Minimates

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their ok I guess..its not like im EXCITED for these

hell id want the Marvel AND Dc waves out before these.

To go further, id get BSG and Speed Minis before these.

I really think they should just try to get ACTUAL NEW Merchandise to shops were peeps can BUY them.

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Here's the full list of current Kellogg's mascots:

Corn Flakes cereal: Cornelius (rooster)

Coco Pops cereal: Coco the Monkey

Frosted Flakes®(US)/Frosties (other markets) cereal: Tony the Tiger

Froot Loops cereal: Toucan Sam

Honey Smacks (US)/Smack (other markets) cereal: Dig 'Em Frog

Rice Krispies®/Rice Bubbles (Australia) cereal: Snap, Crackle and Pop

Apple Jacks cereal: CinnaMan and Bad Apple

Special K cereals: Kay (a 'K')

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All minimates are great but I think I've actually found a least favorite license of minimates. The extra parts are definitely worth it though. I don't eat cereal on a constant basis so It's going to suck buying so many boxes, especially if they make these mail aways. :angry:

If they are pack-ins then it will be a much better and great way to push minimates.

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Hmm... does Tony seem to have the upper chestpiece (which could still serve as Bishop as the classice design was rather muscled and jacket wearing) and a strange lower piece. I would have thought it would just be a "belt" piece for his tail, but it seems to cover his crotch and stop any torso rotation, and give him increased height to lord over those Rice Bubble elves which would seem to point to these definately not being larger than 2"

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And removed here too by our illustrious staff.... :(

Seems Morph was a Naughty boy!

I'd suggest we don't repost this image until it gets the all clear from AA.... We dont want to get Ady into trouble too!

Although if anyone missed it I'm sure some someone here might have saved it to their harddrive... ;)


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It's getting back to the same thing as the DC mates resolicit, if the licensor hasn't approved them or approved their release to the public than we really shouldn't have been shown them.

'course we practically goaded them into it...

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