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I actually love this idea but since PR is almost all but dead after this season it will probably never happen. Like the TC, I've tried to make my own customs, but suck at it.

The real problem with Rangers Mates are, each wave would only be rangers. There are, traditionally, 5 core rangers and a specialty 6th ranger. You would either get just the 6 rangers and 1 variant per wave, or they would skip on the girls (as Bandi normally does) and give you 4 male rangers and 2 villians.

How, this line would actually work well and be super cool is to just give us the Megazords and Villians. Each series has a minimim of 3 Zords which would be perfect because we would get more variety and cool villians. But, to get at least one ranger, it would be cool to throw them in as a variant. Here's a few examples:

Wave 1

-Dino Megazord vs. Goldar

-Dragonzord vs. Cyclopsis

-Mega Dragon Zord vs. Rita

Chase: Green Dino Ranger

Wave 2

-Thunder Megazord vs. Lord Zedd

-Tigerzord vs. Master Vile

-Mega Tigerzord vs. Serpentera

Chase: White Ranger

Wave 3

-Ninja Megazord vs. Ooze

-Shogun Megazord vs. Rito

-Ninjor vs. Serpentina

Chase: Red Ninja Ranger

Wave 4

-Zeo Megazord vs. King Mondo

-Super Zeo Megazord vs. Silo

-Pyramidas vs. Prince Gasket

Chase: Gold Zeo Ranger

Wave 5

-Turbo Megazord vs. Rygog

-Robo Racer vs. General Havok

-Rescue Megazord vs. Elgar

Chase: Green Turbo Ranger

Wave 6

-Astro Megazord vs. Ecliptor

-Delta Megazord vs. Darkkanda

-Mega Voyager vs. Astronima

Chase: Silver Space Ranger

Ok, I'll stop, because I could really go all day long, lol. neo

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My interest would stop after getting the very first series of Rangers as that was the only series I watched as a kid. But since if we get one people would want them all then I have to make my final vote no.

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But I would imagine we have members here that grew up with them and have the same blind-eye remembrance of them I have for Space Giants and Ultra Man.

Yeah, that's me for sure. If I were watching Power Rangers for the first time today, I would hate that show with a passion, more than Pokemon or Hannah Montana or Twilight or jabbing myself in the eye with Kubricks...

but since I watched the first season when I was a kid, this had a magical quality... if it weren't for that, I would have to mirror TBT's statement verbatim.

Anyway, since I was a fan as a kid, I definitely would love to get ahold of all the Rangers plus the core villains *Putties would make great army builders, for sure*

But I DEFINITELY would not want anything past the first season...

The commercial/profit potential for this property is ridiculous. I don't think the sales would be there, but there are sooooo many different characters that could be made (even if you only use the first season for source material... the villain-a-day thing provided such a huge rogues gallery). I would almost be afraid to see what they might try to do if this license was acquired... I personally don't think that they would stop with just the stuff I want. If they did the first season, they would likely try other seasons as well... but I think we would most likely see a collection of the potential 'best sellers' from all the different seasons. Just the most popular character from each incarnation...

Yeah, I can see this being a mess that would make very few people happy...

... I think the Minimate format sure would be a perfect fit for the fan base and they'd look pretty cool, too.

The minimate style would lend itself perfectly to the property, for sure!

what about teenage mutant ninja turtles? :lol:

Oh gosh, I would sooooo go for TMNT 'mates far before MMPR. The property would be received more openly (I too was kinda surprised how much negativism there is even on here for Power Rangers) I think, and the character selection would be easier to pull off *and again, Foot Soldiers, and even Mousers, if they found a way to make them, would be great army builders* ... and with the new live action movie tentatively in the works, there would be a bigger potential market for TMNT mates.

Working on uploading my drawings to share...

Sorry if this steals your thunder, but I just happen to have a drawing... I always loved the color orange, and since I loved Power Rangers (and never knew of the existence of an Orange Ranger... did one of the later seasons feature one?), it just made sense to design an Orange Ranger. Although, this drawing is just done in pencil... maybe some day I'll get around to coloring it...

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darn, I thought this was a thread for Chuck Norris as Walker, Texas Ranger!! Now that's a mini I would support!!


Every time I see the title I think Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers and smile a little inside. Then I remember the thread is about Power Rangers and that smile turns dark and evil and it runs off to kill a puppy just to watch it die.

It's not really the smile's fault though. It had a lousy upbringing. It was never really taught the difference between right and wrong. No one to nurture it or care for it. Unfortunately it is beyond help. Many psychiatrists and psychologists have gone mad trying to help the smile adjust to society. Last I heard it was locked up in a sanitarium in Connecticut for the good of population. It's not all bad though. The doctors will occasionally take patients out to baseball games. It's therapeutic they say. They're exposed to a new environment, experiencing new stimuli. They don't go as often these days, ever since the hot dog incident. That poor third-baseman... terrible way to go.

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