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Ghostbusters Minimates-Movies

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2 hours ago, Roccothegreat said:

since diamond has made cigarette parts in the past, is there ever a chance of a ray hanging cig figure in the future? maybe and adult exclusive? i think it would look super cute on a mate. lol 

No new GB1 figure releases planned that I know of; there's been talk of who would come with an Ecto-1 vehicle, but I don't know if it would be Ray. And I have to imagine we would have done it earlier if we could.

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I'm toying around with getting the 2016 team and recasting them with other ladies who've been immortalized as Minimates:


The Comedy Team:

Lucy Lui

Gillian Anderson

Anne Hathaway

Linda Hamilton


The Scream Queen Team:

Shannon Elizabeth

Eva Mendes

Shannen Doherty

Veronica Cartwright


The Horror-Action Team

Jenette Goldstein

Scarlett Johansson

Katee Sackhoff

Vivica A. Fox


That or the girls from Big Bang Theory can cosplay with the boys at SDCC. 

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The minimates based on the new film are doomed to clearance sales. The movie's run in theaters is almost over and the merchandise that's been out before/during the movie's run hasn't sold well. It's going to be way too late once they are released.

I'm worried TRU will scale back minimates if these and the Alice minimates (waaaaaay too late) are both duds. At least around me the X-Files, Muppets and Predator Series 2 are all not selling. Add in two more and that's a lot of peg warming product.


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13 hours ago, fwoosheyman said:


Unfortunately, Cartoon Network does a horrible job licensing out their shows and I doubt Chuck even knows Steven Universe exists.  


But really though. When all your merchandise for one of the best cartoons of modern times are some blind bag figurines with no articulation and 4 pop vinyls then you have failed. Miserably. I want lego sets at least! Think of how many interesting Gem locations can be made in Lego form! We're getting Adventure Time. Give us Steven!

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