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Ghostbusters Minimates-Movies

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El Gallo interested, so here's the same stuff I sent him for anybody looking to mod the Ecto-1 Lego set for Minimates.

Better late than never?

Besides taking out the seats and steering wheel, I found that the long gray plate underneath the roof holds it together much better.

The windows were replaced by standard glass blocks rather than using the creative (but not Minimate friendly) way they released it. For the back glass you'll need a total of 4 of the taller glass pieces. These come from the way the side windows are made in the set but I think I had to order a couple more to finish the back how I like it.





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If the Turtles end up wearing Ghostbusters uniforms, I may be forced to pick up some extra Minimates for customs.

Since this is just a glorified fanfic (its not the Real Ghostbusters/Movie Ghostbusters meeting the 1980s/200X/Nick Turtles, its IDWs Turtles meeting IDWs Ghostbusters. They arent the creators, theyre licensors, meaning whoever gets the comic license next will completely ignore this event as having happened so its impact is faint.) you might as well buy the parts now and make the customs if you really want them.

Your making custom Ghostbuster Turtles will have just as much impact on the official cannons as this crossover, and would probably inspire more people to make a set for themselves as well, so go for broke!

A bit more on topic:

ARRRGH! It needs to be August 1st so I can so order an Ecto-1 already, I want the free mini-mini cooper, not Flashback Shredder. #firstworldproblem

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