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Heavy Hitters

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I am a science fiction, no argument there. For some reason I particularly like powered armor characters (maybe because one of my first books was Heinlein's Starship Troopers?). While I own hardly any, I really enjoy Yokoyama's Maschinen Krieger stuff. I do have the Ma.Kubs (most of them, anyway) and they are hands-down some of my favorite figures. I'd get rid of a boatload of toys (even some MiniMates *gasp*) before I let these buggers leave me.

So, I've got the Kreiger Kubs set up with some standard armored guys like Boba Fett and the Halo series. I'm thinking I need to add a few more heavy infantry to my Kubrick collection and wondered if you all had any suggestions. The Jin-Roh character intrigues, although he almost doesn't make the heavily-armored category.

What else is out there that would look alongside Stormtroopers and Master Chiefs?

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Maschinen Krieger is that 'Sleeping Giant' that will perhaps one day engulf us all . A site that helps to explain most of what there is available is this one .

Your specific request was regarding kubricks so I reckon the most obvious 'opponents' would be the Halos ,Special Forces & the Jin Roh /Panzer Cops . The Aliens Power-Loader would look pretty awesome thrown in there somewhere.

Although inarticulate check out the otherwise far superior (& cheap) Hobbylink Ma.k Range which include figures AND vehicles & are almost Minimate -scale.

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