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My lego Christmas town

Nervous Rex

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Hello ladies and germs,

This is something i am pretty proud of, and wanted to share with you all. I wanted to, and still may take some more close ups (my battery shut down on my camera)>There is one more building I wanted to get for this year, but I'm having some money and work issues at the moment, so hopefully next year there will be an expansion :D .

Well enough of me, here are the pics, hope you like them.















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Thanks for all the comments guys, hopefully it will get bigger and bigger each year :D

Woah, I love this!!! How long did it take for you to make it??

well I had the train for about 4 or 5 years now, and usually set it up around the base of the tree. Then I got the little red house a few years ago. the big thing was last year, I got the other bigger buildings, and probably took me about 10 hours to set them up. the hardest part was decorating, there is no tape to hold anything, its all just wrapped and bent to fit.

Damn Josh, that's sweet! I'd love to see a close of pic of that Thor!

this is the same one, only with a silver helmet from one of the dwarves

Definitely an awesome little Christmas town! :) The lego versions of Jack Skellington and Snake Eyes (at least I think that's him... is that Timber with him?) look sweet.

hey thanks, that is Timber, his old buddy

That is amazing!! :D

Seriously, Nervous, that is really a work of genius, and i love all of the custom minifigs. Although i'm not sure i remember X3 Cyke and Collosus living on the same street as Thor...;)

its christmas, he flew in for dinner... ;)

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Looks like somebodies in need of a Green Grocer to complete their street.

Now I recognize the Creator House, the Market Street and The Cafe Corner, but what is the house in between the Creator House and Market Street?

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