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Bob's Customs - Assassin's Creed II Ezio, p.29

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Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I don't have enough free time on my hands to do as much customs as I'd like to, but I'll list up what I produce now and then in here. So have fun and please feel free to comment, criticize or even praise me to the skies!


Vielen Dank,


(Click on the thumbs to see the custom.)


MARVEL-WWHulk.jpg MARVEL-Fury.jpg MARVEL-Hood.jpg MARVEL-FB-Fury.jpg MARVEL-FB-IronMan.jpg MARVEL-FB-Wolverine.jpg MARVEL-FB-Hawkeye.jpg MARVEL-FB-Thor.jpg MARVEL-FB-Cable.jpg MARVEL-FB-LukasRand.jpg MARVEL-Venom.jpg MARVEL-Bradley.jpg MARVEL-Domino.jpg MARVEL-Deadpool.jpg MARVEL-Deadpool-Pulp.jpg


DC-Joker.jpg DC-Zsasz.jpg DC-Croc.jpg DC-Bane.jpg DC-AlanScott.jpg DC-Terrific.jpg DC-Nightrunner.jpg DC-Batman.jpg DC-Deathstroke.jpg


COMIC-Manhattan.jpg COMIS-NiteOwl.jpg COMIC-Comedian.jpg COMIC-Marv.jpg COMIC-Spider.jpg COMICS-Hellboy.jpg COMICS-LizSherman.jpg COMICS-RogerHB.jpg COMICS-JohannKraus.jpg COMIC-McNinja.jpg COMICS-AxeCop.jpg COMICS-Preacher-Jesse.jpg COMICS-Preacher-Tulip.jpg COMICS-Preacher-Cassidy.jpg COMICS-Preacher-Saint.jpg COMICS-Preacher-Seraf.jpg COMIC-Spawn.jpg COMIC-Lobster.jpg OTHER-5Points.jpg OTHER-RexNocturnus.jpg COMICS-CaseyJones.jpg COMIC-Canuck-Classic.jpg COMIC-Canuck-Modern.jpg

Movies & TV-Series & Games

MOVIES-Lincoln.jpg MOVIE-Birdman.jpg OTHER-Ezio.jpg


MISC-MadHatter.jpg OTHER-PussInBoots.jpg

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OK, since Watchmen is one of my all time favorite narrations, I'd love to minimaterize its characters.

Dr. Manhattan

Jon Osterman as Dr. Manhattan is for sure the easiest one, so I started with him. I used the translucent blue SDCC 08 blank mate an some decals for his face and chest. The black suit in the second pic belongs to Movie Tony Stark.


This is the regular Dr. Manhattan without wearing any pants, like he usually does.


Dr. Manhattan as he appeared in the talkshow on TV.


And finally on Mars with the photograph in his hand. This is actually one of my favorite chapters in Watchmen, because the way Moore allows the reader to participate in Jon's way of seeing things is truly amazing!

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Thanks a lot for the compliments! :wub:

But I guess nobody has to kill anyone here - although Jon might say "A live body and a dead body contain the same number of particles. Structurally, there's no discernible difference. Life and death are unquantifiable abstracts.". If you get yourself a translucent blue mate, I might be willing to give you the decals I used...

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That is one hell of a custom! Nice work. Makes me want Watchmen mates all the more!

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Wow dude. that guy looks pretty sweet. I might have to upgrade my Manhattan to the suit and tie look.

Hey, I didn't find your customs when I was brwosing the forum for Watchmen a few weeks ago. Nice work you have there, Glantern. I guess Rorschach and Blake will be my next customs, but Nite Owl II will be pretty difficult to realize.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Not really a custom, at least not a mate-realated, but you can see it as a teaser, since I'm working on other Watchmen:

Post-mortem Comedian badge

I made the yellow smiley badge and put the red ink on top of the finished badge, so it's a little more like the haptic curdled blood drop feeling.


Up next are two Watchmen - one wearing black, the other purple pants - but right now both are in queue, because I'm trying to work on a mate for Luke314pi's awesome "Balck & White Contest" presented by his astonishing Minimate Factory.

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OK, here's my entry for Luke's Black and White contest:

Sin City's Marv

He's based on the movie interpretation of Miller's comic, because I wanted to use different shades of gray instead of pure black and white colors. I used The Question's coat and declas for Marv's head and chest. I don't remember to whom the hair originaly belonged. The hairpiece is from BSG's Helo. (Thanks Dan!)


The right pic is a little inspired by this lithograph.

Oh, and I couldn't resist trying this: :P


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Thatsd really cool Bob. Marv was such an awesome character. That hairpiece comes from Helo. (I should know, I have about 4 of him :P)

Keep up the good work.

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