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Street Fighter 'Mates

Shup Dude

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I really liked this series,

I'd made it my point really to get the player 1 colours and the variant or alternatives, i've not even made that commitment to Marvel, not yet anyway. I'm not a completist but i think i could be with Street Fighter, maybe in time I will be with Marvel and I do realise Marvel is the bigger license of the two.

I was surprised by the failing of this line, given the character selection in Series 1.

Ryu, Akuma, Chun-Li & M.Bison are really strong characters from this series. Admittedly i know nothing of the Darkstalkers line, so the Demitri & Morrigan characters i had to read up on the internet about them, but having read their bios and stories i'm quite taken with them as well.

I'm not just saying this because it is too late and the line is cancelled but looking at the quality of Series 1 and seeing the supposed character list for Series 2..

Guile & Zangief

Felicia & John Talbain

Blanka & Ken

Blanka & Dan

I'd of been all over this second series. Again i don't know anything about Felicia & John Talbain but i'd of gone out of my way to Support the Street Fighter line, my Sota collection in terms of investment runs into the hundreds and i'll never sell it, so i guess if i'm guilty of being biased about the line maybe thats what it is.

I can only hope that the MvC3 line is supported by videogame enthusiasts and fans as well as those in a similar situation to myself, it is the best shot we have at getting the SF characters into our minimate rosters.


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I really wanted series two to happen (and more after that, really) because Ken is my favorite character from SF and John Talbain is just insanely awesome. If he had been made and made properly, that might very well have been and remaind to this day one of my favorite minimates ever. So here's hoping MvC kicks some ass and goes forever and gives us a ton of awesome stuff. But we already get an updated Taskmaster and a MODOK out of it, so with Amaterasu and what I've seen of the Resident Evil guys so far, I already consider it a big success.

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Absolutely!! :biggrin:

I've actually just finished posting in the MvC3 discussion thread regarding Series 1, 2 & 3 releases, the breakdown of SF Characters and who potentially would be next out on the conveyor belt for Series 4. I would be hoping it is one of the cancelled figures from series 2 or at least a SF character we haven't had yet. :)

It wouldn't have to be SF dominated, just 1 from the 5 would do to keep things ticking over, as I said in my other post, the splaying of characters between each series, is actually good for the longevity of the line.


"I didn't get where I am today by posting the Street Fighter thread"


Completism of the Minimate Street Fighter line is a minefield ....even Ivan gets confused.

:wacko: eh?

What do you mean by that? who is Ivan? :tongue:

From what i've seen on my list i've got them all?

Is there some that aren't listed in the Database or something, or was this a joke that flew waaaay over my head :pinch:


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