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Wasp (Modern)! FINALLY!!!

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You have no idea how long I've been trying to make this specific custom, and finally AA has given me all the pieces I need (was really just waiting on the wings).



Now, I know it's not exactly accurate... this version of wasp shouldn't have yellow stripes on the shoulders and legs, but I was worried it would look too plain without them. However, it wouldn't be hard to strip it down to a more basic and accurate version.

Pieces used:

Movie Peter Parker emo-hair piece.

Super girl face/head (eye brows sharpied black).

Black chest piece (non specific) with printed out design (by moi) on sticker paper.

Black pelvis/hips piece (non specific) with printed out design (by moi) on sticker paper.

Avengers Wasp Wings.

Avengers Wasp Wings harness (painted black).

Yellow hands (non specific) painted black except for the inside/palms which are yellow in the comic.

Astonishing Cyclops arms, legs and feet.

I will probably do another one without cyclops limbs that will match closer to the comic, but for now I'm happy I could have made this at all!





So cyclops got his limbs back. I used Movie Betty Ross feet and yellow-sharpied the white part to be yellow. Also, I got rid of the wasp harness because it a) made her neck look too thick, and B) the waist area to me looked awkward and boosted her height ever so slightly... which is kind of the opposite of what wasp is about. Instead, as you can see in the pick, I cut away the tops and bottoms and just crazy glued it to the back of wasp's chest/body piece.

Voila, comic accurate Wasp.

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Heh, thanks! Knowing my luck though, they'll probably come out with this and a yellow jacket two pack soon enough and it would have been a custom for nothing, but I just wanted this piece so bad, since the first series of minimates. I dunno why I have such a favoritism towards Wasp, but easily one of my favorite Avengers.

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