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Luke314pi's Customs (New customs October 5th)

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Strange, because "matalo" sort of means something else entirely in Tagalog... ;)

what about


you know what that means... ;)

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Strange, because "matalo" sort of means something else entirely in Tagalog... ;)

Really now? PM me with this. It sounds interesting yet not board-appropriate.

For those who don't know: "Alli Esta... MATALO!" is spanish for "There he is... KILL HIM!"

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Really now? PM me with this. It sounds interesting yet not board-appropriate.

Actually, "matalo" in Tagalog is

sort of the future-perfect (or something) tense for the verb "lose", and doesn't make any sense at all when used on its own. (Imagine someone randomly shouting "DEFEAT!" at someone else.) It's really not dirty at all... still vaguely arrogant and battlecry-ish (use it in a proper sentence and it can loosely translate to either "You're gonna lose" or "I'm gonna beat you" or somesuch depending on the usage), but nothing offensive


Thus concludes the "educational" portion of this post. :blink:

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those customs are AMAZING man, just amazing. I especially love the 2099 doom. and the re4 packaging looks great. your packaging always looks very professionally done. I remember when I first saw your psycho set, I thought it was the real deal, but unfortunately it was not, and i am without psycho mates :P

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Here are some more Dr. Who customs that I finished recently:

Pyramids of Mars packaged set



I made the header a different style than the rest of the Mars-themed box. My plan is to use this same header on future Dr. Who box sets, which will give them a consistent look and feel when displayed together.

You have seen the Doctor before from this set. Here are pics of the new figures:

Sarah Jane Smith


Sarah's face and chest are decals. She is wearing the dress from this episode, along with the rifle she used, and her wind-swept hair (Wasp).



Sutekh's head is apoxie sculpt on top of a Dr. Fate helmet. His chest is a modified big chest piece, with some more apoxie sculpt. And the lower part of his outfit is cut from sheet plastic.



The mummy's face is a decal and his chest is a modified big chest piece, with the circular opening cut using a dremel.

I also made myself a gold mummy from the end of the series:


And this custom isn't related to the series, but I made him at the same time:

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart


The Brigadier is a repainted General Ross with a new face decal. Yes, I repainted a chase figure. :P

That's all for today. For all of you non-Who fans, I should have more Marvel stuff finished this week. :)

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Always nice to see more Dr. Who characters. I love the sculpting and details on Sutekh, but the show-stealer to me is the mummies. They seem so perfectly translated to Minimates form.

And the Brigadier is another great custom - well worth using a variant for.

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Here is some more Marvel love:

Weapon X


A much needed update to my original custom here. The helmet is random pieces of plastic glued to a Cyclops mask and then painted chrome. The sideburns are cut form a Wolverine hair piece. The waist is pretty much the same thing. The black hose is a twisty tie and the yellow hose is from the Marvel Legends Weapon X.

Zombie Sentry


He is loosely based on this artwork. He is made from a Raft Sentry (yes another chase figure bites the dust :P ) with Eddie Brock hair.

Zombie Magneto


This zombie is based on this artwork. He uses Zombie Wolverine's head.



My Groo custom was looking lonely without the love of his life. Read more about her and see a pic here. Her earrings, hair bun, and sword base are apoxie sculpt. Her face and chest are decals. I used the duck feet in this instance, since they match her boot design.

Battle Damaged Sandman


I made concept artwork for this figure back in January, and as soon as I got the T-1000, I got to work on him. I changed a few things from my concept. I matched the sand color to his arms, and I used a movie Sandman head instead of the comic one. I had a lot of fun posing this one. :)

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Wow - they are ALL stella, but i am seriously impressed with Weapon X, Sandman & Zombie Magneto! Zombie mags is just awesome!

I'm surprised we haven't seen a Weapon X Wolverine Variant yet. When it happens (& it will happen) i hope AA/DST's is as good as yours!

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Great work, Luke!

Weapon X is very cool. I really like the way those combined plastic pieces turn out to really look like this weired helmet thing.

I don't like the Marvel Zombies that much, but - as always - your designs really, well, rock! This hole in Magneto's body works great. (I have to do a custome with a hole in it's chest myself. It works really great. I also loved how it worked on your T-1000 custom!)

Chakaal seems to be the first Minimate ever on which those duck feet look good. :ohmy: Really!

Sandman: awesome. I was looking forward to see this custom since you announced it. He looks great and you really matched the color. (Sooner or later DST are going to steal that idea, since they will be interested to reuse that T-1000 part!)

Very cool designs.

Once more. :thumbsup:

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