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Luke314pi's Customs (New customs October 5th)

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Great work, Luke, especially the package is incredible! I really enjoy your love of details here!

Let me criticize your box set(!!!) a little anyway:

Crossbone: great work, no question. You already presented him way back and adding that vest is a good idea. I really like him. Sharon Carter as Agent 13 is - compared to your other works - a pretty simple work but it works pretty weel. Sticking to the theme including her is conesquent, but I'd prefered to see her in that white dress/costume. Sin is outstanding! Next to the box's artwork, she is the star of that set in my eyes. The face expression, her hair piece and freckles are perfect! The way her eyebrows are designed highlight the characters attitude. So is that little laugh line (?) on the right of her mouth. That is a perfect detail! Great work. And the design of her top and her boots just nail the characters outfit from the comics. Maybe one of your best and most accurate mates so far. (In my eyes.) Maybe the weakest mate in my eyes is Cap himself. It's the perfet idea to do this Arlington statue instead of maybe a dead Cap or something like that, but I think it "just" looks like a monochrome mate and the black and white lines are to solid to work as reflections. Someone had this idea to enter your black+white contest last winter and I really loved the idea, but somehow I feel like it doesn't work. I don't know why and I don't know what's missing, but it doesn't convince me.

However, this critique obviously is adjusted to your ultrahigh standard and talent and I don't think you're pissed now. (Right? :ohmy:)

Just a few thoughts.

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Darned sonuvagun! I'm crying on the inside! :P

That is absolutely AMAZING work, Luke! You are my favorite customizer, hands down. Now if only I had the raw, natural talent to do that... :D

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As long as Luke isn't going to do a Spider-Man custom, DST won't realize his talent... :(


Here are a few new commission minimates:



The mask is from Batgirl with the face cut out, the chest is a decal, the hands are from Venom, and the whip is part of a lego antenna with a black twisty glued to the top.

Animated Star Sapphire


The mask is from Batwoman with the face cut out, the chest is a decal, and the gloves are from Cap.

Right now I am regretting not making a second Catwoman for myself at the same time. I should really learn to follow my own advice. :P

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you remain the best customiser i have ever seen!

If there is a god of minimates you would be it!

p.s wouldnt that be a cool custom a 3 inch god with 2 inch jesus!

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Once more very well done, Luke.

I'm always impressed by the way your paint matches (almost :ohmy: ) exactly your decal's color. That is something I have to work on.

Thanks Bob! Recently I started desaturating the colors in my decals a bit, since I could never get the paint color to be as bright as the printed decals.

Edited by luke314pi
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oh man - that catwoman is PERFECT!

If DST or DCD or whoever released a 'Mate of her in that costume - that would be it!

If whoever you have made it for decides they don't like it - let me know ;) (yeah - like that will happen)

And Star Sapphire looks awesome too - your paintwork is spot on!

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DAMN! That's a sweet Catwoman Luke! I really wish now that DC Direct hadn't canned the DC mates. She'd a looked great as an official mate.

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Thanks guys! Catwoman really isn't too hard to customize either. You only need two colors of paint, Batgirl, and Venom hands. I will put the chest decal up on the Factory next week (its just my plain female decal that I use as a base for multiple female characters).

Edited by luke314pi
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Here is another set I have been working on for a few weeks. Its funny that clayface and I were both working on RE customs at the same time without knowing it. :)

Resident Evil 4


Clockwise from front: Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Krauser, and Chainsaw Ganado

Ada Wong close up

Krauser close up

Leon has modified emo Peter Parket hair and a bucky chest strap. His face is a decal and his chest is drawn with a sharpie. Ada's face and chest are decals, and her dress is from the girl in the FAFDM set. Krauser has Frank Castle's hair, a sculpted arm, and decals for his face and chest. Chainsaw Ganado has a modified Spidey mask, a chest decal, and a chainsaw from Chef Duff.

I am working on packaging for this set right now. I should be finished with that in another week or so. :)

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