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DST Q & A #11 Answers


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Here are those answers. Discussion thread is open.

Minimate Multiverse _ DST Q&A Section _ DST Q & A #11

Posted by: luke314pi Jul 8 2008, 10:28 AM

Chuck, you mentioned that you hadn't looked into doing horror minimates yet. I think Silence of the Lambs is pretty close to horror. If it sells well, would you consider looking into licenses for horror franchises like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street?

DSTChuck: You could call SOTL a Horror movie but just not in the sense of the question that was asked IE Fridya 13th. OF course if SOTL sells we’ll look into more horror properties.

Also, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

DSTChuck: AH an interesting and complcited question! If its Ice Cream on a cake or such I like to keep it simple so Vanilla, if it’s a Rootbeer float or such (Awful Awful if your from RI) then its Coffee, if its just plain no cream or such then I like Fudge Tracks or Cookie Dough.


Posted by: Trekker 42 Jul 8 2008, 06:57 PM

First off, I apologise if any of these questions have been answered by SDCC. If they were don't feel like you have to answer them again.

DSTChuck: No problem, even if the show covered them its fine to have them logged in here for everyone to see later.

1. Previews has stated that Thor will be in the Avengers boxset. Will Thor be in the Avengers boxset?

DSTChuck: Is this a trick question? Yes Thor will be in there.

2. What comics are you currently following?

DSTChuck: MOST of Marvel and some of the big DC stuff and about a dozen “Indy” titles.

3. Is there a license that you seriously considered (other than Kellogs), not brainstorming session considered, but serious like almost in production/almost prototyped serious and didn't do, that you looked back and said "thank God we didn't do that. That was so stupid"?

DSTChuck: Yes!

4. If there was, what was it?

DSTChuck: I don’t think it would be fair for the licensor for me to say which one.. you neve know who reads these things.

5. Now that you're into classic movies, is there a possibility of the Day the Earth Stood Still, Casablanca or (maybe, possibily, I wish) the original King Kong? Have any of those even come up in meetings or discussions?

DSTChuck: None of those have been activly discussed, as fo yet.

6. What makes you think that the "boat has sailed" on Sinister Six? That's a classic man. That story was unforgettable.

DSTChuck: OH I agree it’s a classic I have the comic, I just mean that at this point most of those figures have been doen and at the time we first considered it many of them had not been done yet.

Posted by: pickle Jul 8 2008, 08:57 PM

Hey guys, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions over the last Q&A's.

DSTChuck: No problem thanks for caring enouhg about them to be this involved.

1, following the Madonna mate (Desperately Seeking Susan), would/have you ever considered doing a Sting mate from the 1984 film Dune? It seems like the Super Hero and Sci Fi (BSG, ST, BTTF) are the lines that stick around, and you would get the rockstar mate as well.

DSTChuck: I don’t think my wife liked Dune or Sting but I’ll have to check.

2, Will we ever see anything from the Marvel Max line in minimates form?

DSTChuck: We did Punishier so maybe anything is possible.

3, Any plans to expand the DST online store to sell and ship outside the USA? I would love to order things from the online store to use the DST rarities program, but living 20 minutes across the border leaves me in the dark.

DSTChuck: I know for SURE that can be a problem and we’ve VERY sorry. Seems internation is a big issue. Number one is our warehouse ships by UPS BUT for much of what we sell USPS would be better so we need to work through that plus we have to add programing reflecting blockign countries we don’t have the license for OR even don’t do testing for. Our programers and warehouse guys are working on it and its something we want to do just not sure the timetable.

4, Whatever happened to Previews re-releasing the (wizard world) Spider-man 3 preview pack?

DSTChuck: It was not a re-issue we just wanted to out it in there to sell stock we had at the end of our Spidey 3 license, we just ended up with VERY little stock when the time came.

Posted by: karamazov80 Jul 8 2008, 09:13 PM

To follow up on Pickle's post, I myself have wondered if the sales of Desperately Seeking Susan could, potentially, be the catalyst for more "Rock-'Mates" from, say, Purple Rain (Prince), the Man Who Fell to Earth (Bowie), the Man with the Golden Arm (Frank Sinatra), Brimstone and Treacle (probably be an easier license to get a hold of than "Dune" for a Sting-Mate), and, of course, Glitter (Mariah). Might something along these lines be a consideration if the Susan set's sales are sound?

DSTChuck: YES its possible DSS could open some doors for other Music properties or sales channels for MM.

Posted by: the punisher=D Jul 8 2008, 10:46 PM

hows it going guys?

DSTChuck: Still jet lagged and hung over from SD but thanks for asking.

how does the process go down for the movie mate boxed sets? do you guys pursue certain movies/tv shows, or do the companies only give you rights to certain moves/ tv shows?

DSTChuck: It depends, for say SM3 we did resin, replica and MM so it was a pakage deal, similar for BTTF. For something like SOTL it was a deal for multiple movies for just MM.

also, any plans on new movie/tv show boxed sets, or only more continuations on the ones you have? (i would LOVE some fight club mates)

DSTChuck: We talk to studios all the time about MM its just a matter of the right deal at the right time and folks in the licensing dept being open to working with us on them.


Posted by: Alpheon Jul 8 2008, 10:49 PM

Much gratitude for doing this. We all really appreciate it. (just thought I'd reaffirm that one more time)

DSTChuck: HEY no problem glad your intereted and sorry I can’t be more open at times.

1. What prompted the cancelling of the Kelloggs 'mates?

DSTChuck: Lack of interest from buyers at retail locations.

2. How difficult would videogame licenses be to acquire? Has DST ever considered any videogame licenses (specifically for Minimates)?

DSTChuck: We’ll we did SF so anything is possible, video games are not exactly right in our product mix right now but we’ve worked on some in the past so you never know.

Thanks again.

Posted by: Deadpool Jul 9 2008, 12:02 AM

1. As far as licenses go, you guys have made some pretty diverse choices. I know you've said that you're fans of The Man With No Name, but to me it seems that as good as the movie choices have been, there are movies out there that are just as big. Could you give any particular reasons for choices like BTTF, 24, and SOTL?

DSTChuck: Sure there are lots of bigger movies out there but I don’t see us doing Titanic MM. it has to make sense from the brand, finailcy and the studio has to be willing for something like we’ve done to happen.

2. With the return of the oh-so beloved box sets, I have to ask: How are they doing? It seems to me that box-sets would sell as well as a wave, if not better. How do they compare?

DSTChuck: We have only shipped exclusive sets so far but they seem to be doing just fine – time will tell. We’re excited as well.

3. Why is James Rhodes the variant in Wave 23? He is FAR more recognizable than Tony in the armor. Making him the variant just seems like a pain in the butt for people who want the definitive War Machine.

DSTChuck: Yup I can see where we could have gone that route and I can see where the fans are coming from, its just we thought there would be less overall demand for Rhodes.

4. The Hulk Moviemate prototypes seem to have been changed based DIRECTLY on complaints from fans, such as the waist piece. I will also say the Hulk looks really good now! Were these changes really influenced by us?

DSTChuck: I can’t say that it was from here but we never liked them 100% ourselves and tinkered with them for some time PLUS lots of feedback from fnas in email, shows and online. I hope everyone likes the finished products – we’ll have to see.

5. Do a Deadpool, seriously. Its a heck of a sad world where Tarantula and his pointy shoes get a minimate before Deadpool! Come on, he even resembles Spider-Man somewhat!

DSTChuck: HMM Deadpool likee like Spidey, I may need to re-consider!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

DSTChuck: I hope you find them informative and intersting, I don’t think my wife even knows my favorite Ice Cream!

Posted by: MinimateEspo25 Jul 10 2008, 09:35 AM

hey, this is my first time asking a question, and also, i don't know if its been asked before, but...

DSTChuck: I’ll go easy on you.

1) have you ever thought of making a stan and jack exclusive 2 pack? I was just thinking of this, and thought it would be awesome. What would it take to get this made, or is it out of the realm of possibility?

DSTChuck: We’d have to get the rights from them or their estate so I don’t think its something we’re going to pursue.

Posted by: Dude Jul 14 2008, 03:46 PM

As always, I appreciate your responsiveness to us the fans and thank you for answering our questions.

DSTChuck: Your Welcome , its my pleasure but I think I’ve read lots of other places that DST is not responive to fans SO be carefull I woudlnt’ want to get you flamed.

Are you considering, if sales hold, doing more Star Trek Next Generation minimates? You won't let Captain Picard and a Borg fight it out alone, will you? One wave with Ricker/Troy LaForge/Data Worf/Tasha Yar Dr. Crusher/Wesley with variants of either Lore or Romulian Tasha should meet most of fans needs. Not wants, mind you, needs.

DSTChuck: I think for sure, its one of the reasons we moved to a mixed lien up it was anb effort to add length to the line.

And remember when looking for a new property, Babylon V.

DSTChuck: B5 is one of the FIRST properties DST ever worked on!

Posted by: groundhog7s Jul 15 2008, 01:07 PM

-Will we see more Trek boxsets after the Mirror, Mirror set or is it dependant on how that one sells?

DSTChuck: Its possible but its far from locked in stone.

-Has DST ever considered doing any product based on Weird Al Yankovik? With the different parody outfits he's been in it seems that there would be enough variants to keep it from being a one-figure line.

DSTChuck: I can honestly say that’s something we’ve never considered.

-Are there any characters or lines that have been considered, but just didn't translate well into Minimate form?

DSTChuck: Titanic.

-Which address should people e-mail DST for Princess Bride Minimates?

DSTChuck: For all request etc. use

Posted by: The JC Jul 15 2008, 02:38 PM

First off, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Its really appreciated.

DSTChuck: I’m really privlaged to work on a line and property that people care so much about.

1) Have you guys looked into Resident Evil? Its a successful game series with a highly anticipated new game in the works and thanks to the movies (with rumor of another one coming) its pretty well known in the mainstream; and personally I would love minimates based off it. Please?

DSTchuck: Yes we’ve thought about it.

2) How about the Universal Monsters? Well-known, iconic, and, for the most part, simple. They would also be great.

DSTChuck: While I’d love some Creature MM I think this license has enough produce for now and we’ll check back on it from time to time.

3) With DC Direct quiting on DC Minimates, is there a way for you guys to get the rights for the DC movies? I figure they might be easier and cheaper than the whole DC Comics liscense, plus a number of characters are represented, such as Superman, Batman, Swamp Thing and Watchmen.

DSTChuck: That’s something that’s 100% up to WB and DC.

4) Any chance of seeing Planet of the Apes minimates? Does there seem to be enough interest in the retro figures to warrant them? Another classic movie that I would love to see minimated.

DSTChuck: I can’t say its impossible BUT Kubrick had a deep and popluar line so we might hold off.

5) Oh and I'll show my support for Princess Bride minimates too.

DSTChuck: Noted.

Posted by: jjwspider Jul 15 2008, 11:15 PM

First, thanks to Shane and the DST guys for allowing this opportunity - it's always interesting to see the questions posted the responses that we get back. Now for my questions:

DSTChuck: Honestly I also find some of the questions very interesting.

- Have you ever considered doing a minimate line for some of the "fair use" properties that are in existence? Characters like the Fighting Yank, the Green Lama, the Black Terror, and the original Daredevil would be awesome to see in minimate form (especially the original Daredevil).

DSTChuck: Nope but we HAVE wondered about polaticians.

- Have you ever considered doing "real life" minimates - ala MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, etc?

DSTChuck: YES, they are very expensive so to even consider we’d have to have the partners lined up.

- Any love for some missing mini's - say a Darkhawk, Joe Wade Scarlet Spider and/or Negative Zone Spidey? (As a HUGE Scarlet Spider fan, I would love to be able to get this last variation of the "Scarlet Spider," seeing as how we already have Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider and Initiative Scarlet Spider costumes).

DSTChuck: There is no DST love for Darkhawk.

Posted by: MINI_MYTE Jul 17 2008, 07:52 PM

What are your opinions of the following moviemate boxed sets (would DST like to do them & could you do them)?

Jaws: Chief Brody, Hooper, Quint and (if it could ever be designed and executed) a minimate shark.

DSTChuck: Never say never.

Kill Bill vol 1: The Bride (house of blue leaves showdown), Oren Ishi, Go-Go Yaburi and Crazy 88 henchman (with multiple heads for customizing).

DSTChuck: Never say never but rights are tied up.

Kill Bill vol 2: The Bride (trailer fight), Elle Driver, Budd and Bill.

DSTChuck: See above

Robocop: Robocop, officer Lewis, Clarence Bodigger and ED-209.

DSTChuck: See above

Animal House: John "Bluto" Blutarsky, D-Day, Eric "Otter" Stratton , Kent "Flounder" Dorfman and Dean Vernon Wormer.

DSTChuck: Never say never.

Posted by: THE_CRIPPLER Jul 22 2008, 04:04 AM

Now that we are finally getting more Spiderman villains, how about some X-Men? So far all we have are Magneto, Ultimate Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Juggernaut, Mystique, and Apocalypse. How about villains like Mr. Sinister, a modern version of Sabretooth, Omega Red, Bastion, Blob, Avalanche, Pyro, Toad (a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would be fantastic), Sauron, Spiral, Stryfe, Exodus, Silver Samurai, Vulcan, Ord, Danger (those last three played major roles in the X-men comics this past year). Also, are we any closer to finally getting Deadpool, Psylock, and Gambit minimates? Also since box sets are becoming more popular how about a Jim Lee style X-men set? I know that you had said no a few years ago, but things have changed since then. We have plenty of different looking Spideys, so why not the X-men. We could get Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Jubilee, and Beast, or Gambit or a new Wolverine with a retooled mask.

DSTChuck: Isn’t it amazing that we’ve done SO many Marvel MM and there is a list out there this good that still needs to be done.

DSTChuck: Hey guys thanks so much for asking these questions for all this time and thanks SO much for the mods for helping keep this going. I am sorry though this is the last ask DST I’ll be doing here, we’re going to move it to the Art Asylum site. we think it’s a better place for something like these AND we can do Q&A on properties that are not being supported by sites such as this. We’ll STILL keep coming here and work out stuff for you guys as often as we can and feel free to discuss the Q&A’s here as you always have. We’ll be keeping an eye on those comments as well…

See you over at the new site! Hope you like it, we hope to use it to give fans even more inside information then we have before.

There you have it. Thanks to DST for 11 great Q&A's. Head over to the AA site to get your questions answered, from now on.

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