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Oh wow, I can't believe that until yesterday, this thread has not been touched since September.

Well I received Crysis 2 in a humble bundle {You donate how much you want to charity and publishers give you steam keys}. I finally got around to playing it and I'm still divided. First, I find it kind of stupid how the lowest graphic option is "High", I know it can argued that that's low but it still looks really good on that setting, it would of definitely helped to have a "Medium". As for the game itself; I love the guns and engine but the stupid invisible mode is really killing it for me, the thermal vision barely helps with spotting enemies. There is a game mode called "Classic" with no invisible mode, but when you try to sprint you loose all the stamina in second so it becomes a camp fest. I'm still giving it a shot, hopefully I can warm up to the invisible mode, or maybe even the single player.

I also finally got around to downloading "The Witcher 2: Assassin of kings enhanced edition". I've heard nothing but great thing about it and I love that the decisions you make in game really shape up the story and completely change it without the game letting you know what's the good or bad option {At least that's what the reviews said}. But I still haven't really gotten around to playing it, I'm scared my computer won't be able to run it {Which I know is a poor excuse}

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i feel like theres been discussion in other threads but maybe im just crazy

anyway, ive been on the next gen train since day 1, PS4 is holding strong for me, Lego Marvel and Assassins Creed sustained me till about February, ive been playing a lot of COD Ghosts (i know im terrible :P ) to pass the time but I just started playing Outlast and OH MY GOD, this game is awesome and I dont even like horror games but THIS is what they should be like, its been a fantastic experience and im so eager to get it finished and wait for the DLC thats coming :D

I've been playing a little DCUO as well but i sort of go up and down with that game.

everything though has been filler for the real gem which comes next Friday, Infamous Second Son is going to take up my time for a good long while :D

one last thought: I LOVE live streaming with the PS4, so much so i bought the camera and the wireless headset :D its so much fun

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Hipster Starlord Lets plays begin tomorrow night!

alright so im still working out a more strict schedule but I should be livestreaming:
Monday: 9:00 PM - whenever
Tuesday: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Thursday: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

I'll probably be streaming at a few other times but Im going to at least try to adhere to this schedule, message me if you have any questions and ill post a reminder half an hour before each stream

The games ill be streaming this week are:
Assasin's Creed: UNITY
LEGO Batman 3

and starting next week will be:
Farcry 4
LittleBigPlanet 3
Dragon Age Inquisition

link to my Twitch channel is below!

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The excruciating wait while a game installs is a downside to next-gen consoles.

For Far Cry 4 I went through 3 updates. The PS3's, the PSN Store's, and the game itself alongside the install for the game and me deleting Dragon Age Origins because I traded it in. That was a loooot of percentage bars, but Far Cry was worth it so far.

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I'm in the middle of Telltale Games' Walking Dead season 1 (episode 4 is next up), and just played the first (and only available) episode of their Game of Thrones.

Not being a huge gamer, not very good at them, and get frustrated easily because of that, I really like Telltale's gameplay. I'm gonna get Wolf Among Us & Borderlands (a lot of my friends are super into the FPS version, so I'll hopefully be able to talk characters with them now) after I get season 2 of Walking Dead.

A coworker gave me Assassin's Creed: Unity for Christmas, but it's for PC, and I don't really have a working one (I have a laptop on its last legs that I don't want to turn on again except to get files off it), so it'll be awhile before I can play it, lol.

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I started Dying Light tonite for my XB1. I only finished the prologue, so I'm sure I just barely scratched the surface of the game. So far it reminds me of a polished version of Dead Island (the city part of that game). If you enjoyed Dead Island you will love this game. My wife works the next two nights so I am sure I will put some time into it over the next few days.

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