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Marvel Minimates Wish List


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9 hours ago, Trekker 42 said:


Oh my God please make a Minimate of this stupid thing. 

The real gag would be if they made it so you could get the two characters out of the first.

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I really, really want a throwback to Monsters. You know, Gormuu, Taboo, Googam.

If you made it a wave with Fin Fang Foom and "First Appearance Groot", you'd get some name recognition.


But if I'm suggesting something marketable, how about an X-Men / Savage Land wave?


A proper Sauron



Shanna the She-Devil (classic)

...then a couple of X-Men to seal the deal:

Savage Land Wolverine

Savage Land Rogue


Put Shanna with Zabu, to motivate people to buy the Ka-Zar

Put Ka-Zar with Rogue, to make sure Ka-Zar sells

Wolverine and Sauron = license to print money


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2 hours ago, WookieFodder said:

Phyla Vell seems to be missing from the new character releases. What other omissions should be in future comic book waves?

Which version of her? I'd want her 2008 gotg version 

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