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Spiderman Yujin vending machine figures.

MiniFiend UK

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Ok not Kubricks but they are Japanese :)

I was actually doing a bit of searching for some more imges of the iron man SDCC Mighty Mugg exclusive and somehow came across this picture


I was like yum nice. I would love a Doppelganger Minimate.

A quick search on what they actually are came up with this

New Time Capsule Spider-Man toys.

With all the hype from the upcoming movie, Spider-Man 3, Yujin has decided to get a piece of the action. To be added to their Time Capsule series later this month come Spider-Man and five others, all with over-sized heads, round bellies and short limbs.

The characters in this group are Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Doppelganger, Scarlet-Spider and Man-Spider.

Each figure is priced at 300yen ($2.50US) and intended for sale through “Gacha” machines in Japan.


Sold out of vending machines!

and I still want a Doppleganger and Man-Spider Minimates

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The easiest way to find these is on eBay. Unfortunately, they don't get listed individually very often and the set is usually around $40 for the six regular figures or around $60-80 for the set of seven that would include the Spider-Man 2099 secret figure. As a huge Scarlet Spider fan, I was recently able to obtain the Scarlet Spider figure and have to say that they did a nice job with the sculpt for such a small figure. It looks really nice alongside my two Scarlet Spider statues and next to my Scarlet Spider kubrick.

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I've seen these bad boys before on a couple of online forums. I've never had the chance to see them in the flesh. I think they are very nicely made little Chibi-type characters.

Wouldn't say 'no' if someone offered me Carnage or Scarlet Spider . . .

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