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Minimate compatibility thread

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This is the brand: Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Minis Potions Classroom with Exclusive Harry Potter Figure and Accessories, Kids Toys for Ages 5 and up

They kind of scale. It’s just a little bit off. 

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This was the set I saw (and a couple other little mini sets I can't seem to find online) but it was just the train:


Anyway, the scale on this looked to be pretty spot on for Mates. To be fair, I didn't have one in my pocket at the time, but the scaling was much closer to MM than the actual figures included which look to be 3inches or so. You can see how some of these figures are too big for their intended spots, which means MM should scale nicely. 


The castle looks fun too:

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Oh yeah, those definitely look like they would work. I have a HP castle from another line, that was little metal figures. I'm sorry, I'm blanking on the name, but this would have been several years ago and so it's probably not easily available any more. These look even better.

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