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Minimate compatibility thread

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3 hours ago, thereasonsy said:

I broke down and bought a MASK figure to test scale... it wasn't successful.

Too bad. Looks closer than Playmobil.

I'd like to see a mate beside one of the smaller BSG figures that came with the Mattel vehicles. They are said to be 1.5"

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10 hours ago, MisterPL said:

Good to know. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

And with Minimates it's not just about scale but proportion. These block figures tend to be a little husky for some vehicles and short for others. The exaggerated, squat proportions of lines like Star Wars Galactic Heroes or Mission Fleet might work better.

😂 I’m going to have to block you if you keep giving me these great suggestions!!! My wallet can’t take it!

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The Playmobil Enterprise got me thinking about an old bridge set I saw once, but I don't recall who produced it... does anyone know of another ST bridge model or replica in this scale? It would have been just the bridge. I want to say it was something weird like Hallmark.

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