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Minimate compatibility thread

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I really wish Marvel had rights to do vehicles, something that fits the Minimates play pattern of interchangeability. I'm picturing a Mini-Quinjet where the wings can be swapped out with arms or legs from Rhino's suit. Or maybe a Fantasticar that splits apart just like in the comics. Or Ghost Rider's motorcycle that can swap parts with a Chitauri chariot.

Anyway, with a little modifying here and there, you could definitely come up with something like this:


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Saw some Halloween miniatures in Dollar Tree that work pretty well for Minimates

ahhh that invisible man! i know the suit is antony stark. but whats the hat & clear head??? plx

Suit is UM Larry Talbot

Clear head came from Max police sets (I think)

Goggles are GI Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Viper

Hat is BSG Cavil (with hair cut off)

If I had it to do over, I'd probably just use a Howard Stark so the hat matches the suit better smile.png

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I had a quick search through the thread but couldn't find an answer, roughly what scale are minimates considered?

Just the basic mates, not something like Godzilla.

I'm looking at some papercraft buildings and stuff but don't know what scale things need to be.

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