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DST has the Star Wars license.

"Partnering with Lucas Licensing, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., DST will design and manufacture action figures of varying sizes ..." The only sizes mentioned are the 12" and 24" figures. (A two foot tall action figure?!?!)

Would DST release a Star Wars announcement without mentioning Minimates, only to announce Star Wars Minimates a couple days later? Seems doubtful...

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Hmmm, yeah, as I said in another thread, the day HASBRO gives up their rights to make 2" Star Wars figures, will probably be the day oil runs out and plastic is no longer available to produce toys. Believe me, I more than anyone would like to see Star Wars Minimates. But it is extremely unlikely. HASBRO's 2" Star Wars line is doing insanely well, so that leaves Minimates with no shelf space in the aisle at mass retailers. Sadly, Star Wars minimates will be left up to the customizers.

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This shows how little I know about Hasbro and Star Wars, but what is the 2" line? I know the 3.75 line but not the 2.

I vaguely remember DST Chuck saying that Lucasfilm "could" license Minimates without running afoul of Hasbro.

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IIRC Galactic Heroes is their 2" line.

But dont they also make Marvel characters in that scale? ;)

LOL - Ok so I'm one of the few that doesn't see Star Wars minimates in the near future I'm just playing devils advocate here!


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Dont they also do the Star Wars unleashed in the roughly 2 inch scale??

Jeff of the Miniacs

I'd think that DST would have more problems with the LEGO license then the Hasbro 2" license.

I think Star Wars Mini-mates would be in direct competition with that LEGO license.

on a side note: I would love a DST to get the ok for Star Wars Mini-Mates.

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See, but Galactic Heroes, 3.75", Unleashed Battle Packs, LEGO, and MiniMates are all different markets.

Zeus bless you for trying, DST, but MiniMates are still a specialty market product. That alone makes them different from the other four. 3.75" is the bread and butter, GH is tiny-kid friendly, Unleashed are static with detail, and LEGO is construction. I don't think MiniMates would step on any of those toes or cannibalize any of those sales. Speaking for myself (who buys both 3.75" and LEGO), I'd still buy what I currently buy, and add SW 'Mates on top.

And, remember, Batman LEGO and MiniMates coexist, as did Spider-Man (though the licensing there was a unique situation, so may not directly apply).

I'm not psyching myself up over these coming, but I'd be so happy if they did.

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You know, I've been jonesing for this for a while. However, for a Star Wars Minimate set it would HAVE to have vehicles. How awesome would that be??

It seems like half the BSG figures are pilots in their pilot gear, and they don't even get vehicles. Even if Star Wars Minimates did somehow come our way, I wouldn't bet on seeing vehicles. I'm sure that there are Minimate-scale Star Wars vehicles out there somewhere, though. Lucas is a licensing machine unlike any other.

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Hmm. I still couldn't stop thinking about it. There would have to be four different scales for them though.

1.5" - Short droids and short humanoids.

2" (standard) - Humanoids and Humanoid sized creatures

2.5" - Especially tall humanhoids

3.5" - Monster/Beast/Large character size

Here are my ideal waves...


LUKE SKYWALKER (2") (Farmboy attire) - Blue Lightsaber, Blastshield Helmet, mini-Sky Hopper toy

PRINCESS LEIA (2") (white dress, cinnabon hairdo) - Blaster

C-3PO (2") (Gold) - no accessories

R2-D2 (1.5") - no accessories

HAN SOLO (2") - Blaster

CHEWBACCA (2.5") - Crossbow, handcuffs.

DARTH VADAR (2") - Red Lightsaber

OBI-WAN KENOBI (2") (Old Ben) - Blue Lightsaber, brown hood head piece

VARIANT" OBI-WAN KENOBI (2") (Transparent, blue tint Ghost) - no accessories

SDCC Exclusive:

STORMTROOPER - Removable mask with Luke Face and Hair piece, blaster

STORMTROOPER - Removable mask with Han Face and Hair piece, blaster


LUKE SKYWALKER (2") (Dagobah attire) - Blue Lightsaber, backpack strap (for yoda)

YODA (1.5") - wooden cane

HAN SOLO (2") (Hoth Gear) - Blaster, mask

TAUNTAUN (2.5") - saddle (for Han), reigns

VARIANT: LUKE SKYWALKER (2") (Hoth Gear) - Lightsaber, mask

PRINCESS LEIA (Empire Stikes Back look) - no accessories

LANDO CALRISSIAN (Empire Strikes Back look) - Removable cape

CHEWBACCA (2.5") (Snow on fur) - Crossbow



LUKE SKYWALKER (2") (REBEL PILOT SUIT) - Helment, Blaster, Blue Lightsaber

BATTLE DAMAGED R2-D2 (1.5") - no accessories


LUKE SKYWALKER (2") (JEDI) - green Lightsaber, black hood

RANCOR (3") - no accessories

PRINCESS LEIA (2") (Bounty Hunter Disguise) - Blaster

Lando Calrissian (2") - (Guard Disguise) - Blaster, Staff

BOBA FETT (2") - Blaster, Jet Pack


EMPEROR PALPATINE (2") - Lightning Hand accessories

BATTLE DAMAGED DARTH VADER (2.0") - removable mask to reveal face, red lightsaber


PRINCESS LEIA (2") (Slave Attire) - Chains

JABBA THE HUTT (3") - platform to sit upon

Those would just be my first three waves, I could see this UNLIMITEDLY... especially if they bring in vehicles..

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hyejinx I can see one major thing wrongwith the waves you have there: The structure would defy anything DST has done so far. The way you have it is 4 2 packs and a variant which is five different packs. Correct me if I'm wrong but minimates have never been like that before. DC was 4 2 packs and no variant and everythig else not single packed was three 2-packs and variant. You're structure would only work if DST did an overhaul on the structure of waves. Otherwise it's great other than Obi-Wan's ghost being a variant. NO NO NO.

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Why no Ghost Obi-Wan variant?

Because he needs to be in a box set with ghost Yoda, original ghost Anakin (old dude ghost) and Hayden Christensen(sp?) as ghost Anakin. That's why he doesn't need to be a variant. If he was a variant DST would never be able to do this.

So no variant, savvy?

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Did anyone see the BSG Colonial Warriors box set and think that the three guys (other than the grey haired guy) could be mistaken for Han Solo, Luke, and Calrissian? Or was this just me?

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Did anyone see the BSG Colonial Warriors box set and think that the three guys (other than the grey haired guy) could be mistaken for Han Solo, Luke, and Calrissian? Or was this just me?

Yeah and I also think Commander Adama looks kinda like Clount Dooku

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