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Shamrock's lost customs: Fighting JC and Batman pg. 35

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holy freekin crapolla that strong guy is spectacular-just killer work-i agrre with Goober very insperational!!

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Strong Guy turned out great, but I almost gasped when I saw that you used arms from your awesome Transformers customs! :D

They're on the remake list, once I get the motivation.

That's the problem with me, I lose interest and eventually customs get turned into other customs.

Heck, before it was Optimus Prime that 3" Minimate was my ancient Ultimate Giant Man

Soundwave is still around though.

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Ha-hey! Guess what? I lied, I didn't format my camera, so I found the pics. Just a couple.



And what does he look like under that chestpiece?



Also, more people whose costumes consist of boring pants and boring shirts. In other words: Back to Scott Pilgrim!

Ramona's second evil ex-boyfriend Lucas Lee!


Yeah that's boring. I think he's the one character I would choose to make movie-style, cause he looks a hell of a hot more interesting in the movie than the comic. But oh well, moving on.


Holy cow, new torso and arms for Scott! Because he doesn't always wear a parka!

More t-shirts!


More to come.

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:D LUCAS LEE LOOKS GREAT!!! so does strong guy! superb work as usual shamrock! i especially love that smashing pumpkins tee on scott. also i really hope you make hipster demon chicks they looked really great in the movie
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yo, i absolutely love the scott pilgrim customs even if i haveent read it, but one things been bugging me...


i was looking forward to it and would like to see more

kepp up the good work

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Hey thanks!

Got another Non-Pilgrim today, a commission for the punisher=D, Rocket Pack Hellboy!






And I realize I should really mention my recipes sometimes.

That's a heavily modified Salaak hand and Cybord baster arm for the Right Hand of Doom

A completely sanded down and re-sculpted modern BSG flight suit thingy for the jacket

A Whiplash belt piece with the tattered pieces removed and a whole bunch of pouches and a holster added

The rocket is made from a pen and some sheet/strip styrene

Then sculpted details for the rest.

Edited by Shamrock
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I... I...

Even going by the custom's name alone it sounds blasted awesome. But this... the trompe l'oeil shading is just superb, like he literally jumped out of the comic. Color me jealous, punisher!

Fantastic work as usual, Shamrock! :D

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Thanks everyone!

Minifriend: I didn't make one for myself, I can't imagine making more than one, that was a hard paint job.

Anywho, apparently I don't stop this week (all the commissions were actually made earlier) cause here's Ramona's 5th and 6th evil ex boyfriends, the Katayanagi twins, Ken and Kyle!


That's Ken in the red, and Kyle in the white.

The Katamri twins here actually fight Scott four times throughout the book, using robots to fight for them the first three times. These are not those robots:




I hate painting white.

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