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Video Game All-Star Waves

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New here, but I've been lurking for a while now. :biggrin: I'm very intrigued by some of the ideas here. My ideal packs would be as follows for the "Video Game All-Stars" line.


Mario/Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)

Solid Snake/Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Little Mac/Glass Joe (Punch-Out!!) [Note: Doesn't have to be Glass Joe, but he's always been the most fun to beat up. :P And of course a Mike Tyson minimate would have to be made.]

Link/Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time, preferably. If not, Twilight Princess)

But yeah, video game minimates are awesome. Street Fighter was one of my favorite series of minimates. And just because Prototype had such a cool main character...




Still a work in progress, but I like where it's going. :)

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Halo could use a full blown line.


Series 1(Key Characters)

Master Chief/ Cortona

Arbiter/ Sgt. Johnson

Captain Keys/ His daughter(don't remember the name)

Variant: Invisible Master Chief/ Cortona

Series 2(Army Builder)

Marine 1/ Marine 2 (They would look different and have different weapons)

Elite 1/ Elite 2( They would have different weapons and look somewhat different)

Brute 1/ Brute 2(Brute 1 would have armor on, Brute 2 would not)

Variant: Brute 1/ The Brute thats the final boss in halo 2(again, I'm bad with names)

Series 3(mix)

Elite Flood/ Marine Flood

Battle Damaged Master Chief/ Battle Damaged Sgt Johnson

Battle Damaged Arbiter/ ODST Soldier

Variant: BD Arbiter/ BD ODST Soldier

Series 4 (Vehicles) This wouldn't be an ordinary series and there wouldn't be a chase fig

Warthog(comes with three spartans, all different colors and different armors, same cost as a box set)

Ghost( 1 Elite, same cost as a 2-pack)

Mongoose( 1 Marine, same cost as a 2-pack)

Banshee( 2 Elites, same cost as a box set)

Pelican(Pilot, Price of Box Set)

Lockout Plays set(or for us collectors, DISplay set)

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