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DST Q & A #5 Answers


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Any hints as to any more movie/TV boxsets on the horizon? I love my Rocky and Back to the Future sets and can't wait for more!

DSTChuck: By now you have seen the Few Dollars More set and if you look at the posters we've had on display at shows you will have all the hints you need.

Street Fighter Minimates are considered to be extinct or at least endangered, seeing as how we've never gotten a straight 'yes' or 'no' answer. With Street Fighter IV coming, are there any plans to re-examine the line?

DSTChuck: I thought it was pretty clear but we'll try again -- there will be no more SF MM EXCEPT for the fact that DST never likes to say never SO chances are VERY slim. IF based on the new game a buyer steps forward that we're not expecting of course we will make more...

Hasbro announced that they will be expanding their marketing beyond Hasbro itself for the GI Joe Movie. Are there any plans to try and pursue GI Joe Minimates in 2009?

DSTChuck: We meet with Hasbro frequently and this topic comes up every time. We're ready when they are.

What exactly is the status of the Marvel UK license? Are y'all capable of giving us random and obscure characters like Cap Brit, Death's Head and Dr. Neeker or are those off limits?

DSTChuck: Our Marvel license covers all characters that appeared in the comics.

Waves 20 and 21. Lots of sculpted pieces. Lots of discussion about them. Are y'all planning on movie away from the standard block figure into a more sculpted figure?

DSTChuck: The basic design of MM has always been evolving and will continue to change. As budgets allow we always have to decide between tampo and sculpted design components, BUT they will always be the same core body!

Are there plans for Borg in the Star Trek line, and while you're at it, WHERE'S SPACE LINCOLN?

DSTChuck: What's a Borg??

How about making some white blank mates in various sizes for us customizers?

DSTChuck: We've done white in the past and if we do go forward with giveaways for trade shows in 08 we will look at all colors including clear.

The new Marvel waves seem to include fan-demanded Avengers and X-Men characters. Was there a poll to prove this, simple word of mouth at conventions, or simply the makers decided they wanted to make these characters/teams?

DSTChuck: I guess all of the above, plus I was out of the office for the last part of the discussion SO I was not able to slip in a Spider-Man!

Would there ever be consideration for a couple box sets devoted to the Jim Lee-era comic "X-Men #1' from the early 90s much like the "Giant Size X-Men" box that was done a number of years back?

DSTChuck: We're doing more boxed sets as you can see BUT I don't think we've discussed that one in any of our meetings.

Are there any characters in the Marvel or DC universes you're prohibited from making?

DSTChuck: DC handles the DC universe we just do what they ask so I'm not sure, for Marvel we can pretty much do anything EXCEPT Zombies, the window for those was very small and we did all we could in that time and are SUPER excited Marvel let us do all the MM, resin and figures we did.

What was the hardest Minimates to design?

DSTChuck: If you mean the 2D I'd have to ask Uriel, he does most of the 2D on the MM. If you mean costing/production Ghost Rider movie has been the hardest!

Could you ever make more Maximates? If you did, would they still have to be resin or could they be giant Marvel Select figures?

DSTChuck: There is no way and never has been a way to do them in plastic, that's in direct conflict with the master license holder for toys SO they would have to be resin and we have no plans for more right now.

Are you guys planning on focusing on new Marvel characters, or do you want to do newer versions of older and more awesome costumes?

DSTChuck: DST's take in general is to focus on the newer editorial BUT with MM its a bit different since we are creating a universe so we try and mix in the new with the older designs/characters.

All jokes aside, have you ever actually considered an all Spidey wave? I've heard good suggestions.

DSTChuck: I bring it up EVERYtime... Maybe someday we've also discussed a best of to bring back some of the more basic core characters BUT we've never had the push to take either past the discussion phase.

When will you work on those issues with Marvel? They're the only line with the vehicle, size, and packaging restrictions.

DSTChuck: We're just happy a company like ours is allowed to make figures with a big company like Hasbro having the master. IF Marvel were to grant us more rights we'd be happy to take them but those are pretty much closed issues.

Will you lump Marvel Movie mates(if you make more) in with the Moviemates line instead the Marvel comic line?

DSTChuck: You mean like Legends is doing, yea we've thought about it but in the past we could not so that our movie licenses have been totality separate deals from our classic deal.

Any chance we'll see at least 1 more modern BSG wave (beyond wave 4) before the series ends?

DSTChuck: Right now we're going forward with more BSG product and will continue this as long as support is there.

Does your Star Trek license for Minimates include all the franchises? Does DST plan to expand Minimates into all of those franchises (consumer interest and sales permitting)?

DSTChuck: Yes and yes.

Though it's a really cool and unique license, what prompted the For a Few Dollars More set?

DSTChuck: I love the old Eastwood movies and bugged MGM for years until they got tired of me bothering them and let me make PLEASE buy them or I'm in big trouble.

With the vast increase of popularity/awareness of Minimates, is there any chance of the Lord of the Rings third wave coming out? (I am aware this was previously raised, but as it drives me nuts that I don't have a Bilbo or a single female character to complete my collection I feel it deserves the emphasis of repetition ;) )

DSTChuck: Yea we know but I think that's pretty dead for now, you never know if they get the Hobbit off the ground what will happen.

What's the score with the AFX web-armour spidey? Are we likely to see this figure recycled into a two-pack or collection at some point?

DSTChuck: Not for quite sometime if EVER, that's for them as a thank you for all the support they have given the property from the start.

Does your new license for Planet Of The Apes mean that we'll be seeing some Minimates?

DSTChuck: We do not have rights to that currently - Medicom did a HUGE line of Kubricks years ago.

Is there any more plans for more X-Men 3 Movie characters, like a costumed Cyclops, Jean Grey and Angel?

DSTChuck: Honestly I don't think so UNLESS something changes with the license and we mix them in somewhere (like the question above)

How about Age of Apocalypse mates? Have any characters been taken into consideration?

DSTChuck: Yes they have but nothing planned right now.

How is the Rocky boxset selling? Are things looking good enough to see boxsets based on III and IV?

DSTChuck: Rocky sales are slow and its a shame we all think 3 would be the best set...

Any remote chance of getting either James Bond or Heroes licenses?

DSTChuck: We've discussed both, and we'll just have to see. I'm a big Bond fan so if they are interested in working with us we'll be sure to return that phone call.

I know you can't make vehicles with Marvel Mates cos of the licensing, but have you got restrictions on other lines? Can we hope to see vehicles to come with the 24 minis or BTTF?

DSTChuck: Its very specific to each license but on top of that without a line getting into mass there is little chance DST can make anything like a Delorian or Viper work with the costing/SRP.

Any chance the Back To The Future sets have sold well enough for you to consider making a Delorian?

DSTChuck: Kind of same question as above. As more products on BTTF ship and we see what the market place brings maybe we'll look into it.

Hey, I'm just curious, what are the chances of the possibility of Avatar: The Last Airbender Minimates.

DSTChuck:Sorry I don't see that happening- its not really up our alley.

Are there plans to expand the "Dollars Trilogy" (Fistful of Dollars; The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly)?

DSTChuck: Yup you buy them we'll make them - we want to do all three.

The protos. look incredible with the exception of Clint's over-sized hat/hairpiece that sits a bit too high on the head. Will this be adjusted before production? And will the boots have "C3 peg-holes"

DSTChuck: Yea all that will be taken care of in production, we did the best we could for the hand prototypes but when we get into production it will be much easier.

if ST TNG is in DST's future plans for Minimates, will the series be comprised of TNG characters solely or will it be a hodge podge with characters from other ST series ie, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise?

DSTChuck: Honestly we're not 100% sure yet but we're looking at all shows right now.

Will the newer Marvel Minimates (i.e. Hawkeye and Havoc) have hairpieces to go along with their removable masks?

DSTChuck: We kind of do those case by case as we find we have room in the tool or budget for them.

Have you guys ever considered some blanket accessory packs that go along with all of the wonderful Minimates you make?

DSTChuck: Sorry no plans for anything like that right now.

Will the Series 19 and 20 Marvel Minimates be coming out in February? Will the Spider-Man 3 sets still come out in December?

DSTChuck: We're trying!!!

I've noticed the holes on the bottom of the feet have gotten smaller recently. Is this intentional or accidental factory shrinkage?

DSTChuck: honestly I did not notice - I'll have to look into that.

It seems some retailers also received a evenly packed 3,3,3,3 custom assortment where the variant is not shortpacked. Was this even assortment requested by the retailers or was it a special offer given to valued DST clients? Will this assortment be offered for future BSG and Trek series? Will this assortment be used for other Minimates lines, Marvel in particular?

DSTChuck: I don't know anything about that...maybe they made up their own mixes??

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