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Mattallica's customs New ones added 4/16/21

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as i just pulled the parts from my fodder box Ill have to look them up...

lets see

Sharon is a Wave 45 Hill head (yeah the eyes are not the correct color but the face is nice and blue eyes with the blonde hair works for 616 Sharon) , Modified season 2 boxset jack Bauer jacket, Modified AOU boxset Angelas hair, Paint

Pierce is TRU ASM movie Dr. Conners head, repainted Red hair piece from MAX elite heroes spec ops, repainted wave 43 J.J.J. suit

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Wow, I havent posted to this thread in awhile, ive been really busy lately and havent had time to do much custom-wise, but i saw someone in another thread talking about "the Leader" and I've had this guy more or less done just sitting on my work bench. anyway it inspired me to add the finishing touches and snap some quick cell phone pics(sorry about the quality) of him and a few others...

The Leader


its hard to see but i repainted his face and hands

DOFP Wolvie with a modified W.D. Rick coat


added some new races to my Nova corps.


and some more generic Thugs for the heroes to fight



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wow, its been a long time since ive had anything to post, havent had much time for customs, but i did manage to finish this guy up to go with my Aliens collection.




dont mind the mass effect girl shes just there for scale


from the Tell Tale Games " The Walking Dead"

Lee and Clementine



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  • Mattallica changed the title to Mattallica's customs New ones added 4/16/21

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