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Mattallica's customs New ones added 4/16/21

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I think it's been unanimously decided that Savage Land Rogue is the hottest of them all. ;)

Personally, i don't like Rogue. I actually look at powers and her outfits, and that's how i decide if i like her. Yours make me like her. ;) Seriously, now this makes me want a "Casual" X-Men Evolution-style Rogue. That was hot.

I love that Batgirl costume, but i think you made a boo-boo on the eys. It's overall appealing (very :) ) but the skin around the eyes is just a tad off. Small detail; don't fret too much about it.

Keep 'em coming, Mattallica; your customs are amazingly great. :)

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Great work on both the Captain Universes! I am familiar with the classic look from my old Official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe, but in which comic book did the Captain Universe star using the "full face covered" mask?

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Don't know how I missed that Madcap custom!

That's great looking! I had an issue of Daredevil where he fought DD as a kid and always thought he was such a silly character.

Also, neat that you did a version of Batgirl like the girl at the Convention. I met her, so that's really neat and you got it perfect. Take a look:;id=70302941

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  • Mattallica changed the title to Mattallica's customs New ones added 4/16/21

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