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The Haul Thread


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This is the all new haul thread where you can come and tell everyone about any luck that you may have encountered in the retail jungles of the world. I personally am happy for people that find things that they have often dreamed about and now there is a place to come to share your happiness with everyone. Please remember that we are all adults and should conduct ourselves as such.

I went to my LCS this week to pick up the new Avengers and zombie mates but there were no zombies to be had although the proprietor of the shop did in fact save the Armored Thor for me which was awesome. As I was checking out I noticed behind the counter the ever elusive Powerman and Iron Fist 2 pack and Cable and Bishop 2 Pack. I asked how much and could barely contain my excitement when he said $6.99 each. Not bad for a Wednesday.

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I got Avengers Wave, with Variant the other day, and SDCC Zombies.

I haven't managed to find regular Thor though. :(

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I went to a Comic Con today and spend a good £30.

I got the Spider-man 5 pack for just a fiver, Luke Cage/Sentry for £4, Ultimate Six for a £1 each.

Got New Avengers/Transformers issue 4 and a Planet Hulk Figure, as well as a few other comics. I've really pleased with it. :biggrin:

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Yesterday I went to my local comics shop and picked up the BTTF Minis, and noticed as I was checking out that the Daredevil/Giant Man Zombie packs were on sale for 5 bucks! So, since I was splurging anyway, I got that and the Wonderman and She-Hulk pack. Now I'm thinking about getting a another Zombie pack to attempt a custom, regular Giant Man. . .

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