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Hello everyone, I just discovered this great site along with my newfound love of minimates.

I got a bunch of free ones at Wizard world Chicago (they gave out DC 2 packs! I got brainiac/superman,robin/penguin,and booster gold/blue beetle)

I've been hooked since.

I had a few I got as a gift from a couple years ago...they are batman and superman C3's, Woverine w/jacket, Darksed, Joker, Venom, Rhino, Dr.doom, Jon stewart, Blade and Assault Punisher.

I never knew how great they were!

And now I'm just seeing customizing opportunites everywhere....and it involves virtually no painting! just decals En masse! and little part switches!

And then I saw them....Friggin Marvel Zombies!

So that's it. I've dived (dived? dove? Maybe it's Doven....Whatever, I don't know right now) in, head-first. I spent the majority of my last paycheck (I worked at "Babies R' us" for, like, 3 days...surprisingly lame) on the little critters, and now that Nightwing, Flash, Lobo and Guy Gardner are on the way.....I'm gonna be in this thing for a while.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

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