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Callin out to the Mini Masters for HELP


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I received a call last night at around 8pm local time from my LCS. They told me that they would have in Today (Wednesday) both the complete set of Avengers wave and the Zombie pack. I can't wait until they open...

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I'm going to check my local comic book store, and I hope they didn't get them in earlier thsi week and sell the variant already.

And I also hope that they have the zombies...

Wish me luck.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *Curse the heavens*

They didn't have the variant... well, I'd bet money they did actually, but they were playing favorites with a regular, so I didn't get it. I tried a second store nearby, and he had two variants, but same thing, 1 he was holding and 1 he was keeping for himself because he's a big Thor fan. (Which actually, I believe, because he has a huge display case full of miscellaneous Thor stuff in his store, so I can't blame him on that one.)

They did however have the Zombies, so that was cool...

It's not that I don't understand holding stuff for regulars... I mean... if I could get stuff held for me, I would, so I can't be mad at the people that reserved them... I'm just not happy about it... grrr...

But on the plus side, the moment I got home I started calling up local comic book stores to see if they carried minimates, and if the variant was spoken for or not yet, and I called a joint called One Stop Comics, and the guy was actually very talkative and helpful, and he said they hadn't gotten them yet, but they expected a shipment around 1:30, and that if/when they came in he'd hold the variant and call me, so god willing, I should still have a beardy Thor before the end of the day.

My only regret is that I already bought all the normal sets & the zombies this morning at the other store... if I could turn back time, I'd love to have given my business to this guy instead, and I'm going to be sure to tell him that this afternoon, and let him know if he keeps ordering new sets, I'll keep coming for'em.

PS. I'm east coast, so yes, Zombies came out in all areas thsi week, not just west. Both stores had them.

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Mini-review of the zombies, because I'm bored...

Col. America...

As much as I find his exposed brain icky and gross, I like this mate... Diamond went the extra mile and made a new head sculpt, that they'll probably never find another use for, to make his head stand out, rather than just paint rips and brains onto a normal Cap head... Also, except for his head and chest which have exposed organs, I could totally see some of his parts as useable for cool battle damage when mixed with parts from a normal New Avengers Cap. So all and all, a succesful mate...


Again, a fairly good mate... I love the clear plastic effect on his leg bones, though I don't like the one on his crotch... his crotch is also a clear piece, but it's like... half-painted, so it looks like his torn hip is just kinda floating there... for no good reason. I'd have just given him a solid crotch, but all and all he's not a bad minimate.

Power Man...

Again, a succesful mate, and good use fo the clear effect... I tried using some of his parts to make a battle damaged Luke out of my normal Power Man, but now that the crotch/waist peg is bigger, and since the original luke has a O hole instead of a <> hole, it didn't fit... which is a pity, since Zombie Luke's parts would make for a decent battle damaged Power Man... Still, a nice mate all by himself.


I think he could have been better to be honest... His legs and head are really nice, but his big chest piece doesn't fit well on the normal mate at all (In fact mine has a noticable gap when you look at him from the bottom up) so it's loose and floppy looking... not snug and believable, like some of the big chests we've had in the past... Plus it's way too flat... which sounds weird, since all mates are flat... but for some reason it's more noticable on Hulk... On the plus side though, like I said, his legs and head are nice. I really like his hair sculpt, and am glad they're re-using it for Defenders Hulk.


I think he's the worst of the bunch honestly... I don't like the sculpt on the new cowl, I don't think it fits very well, and the eyes aren't sculpted in any way, they're painted on flat, like the newer Batman mates, so they end up looking really flat, and since he has his mouth cut away, unlike batman, it's real noticable how much further out his eyes are from the rest of his face... if you get my meaning... I think this new cowl was unsuccesful, and hope they don't re-use it in the future (Though I fear they will, since there are no sculpted "zombie" blemishes like cap... I fear they made it with intent to re-use.) I also have no idea why he's big-chested... Wolverine is supposed to be a runt... a tough runt, but a runt... why give him a big chest and not say, Power Man? I like that his shoulder pads are jutting out now, rather than painted on, but the combination of the big chest, and the ill fitting mask just turns me off completely on this mate... he's my favorite character of the 5, but my least favorite mate. On the plus side though, the new boots are nice.


I was surprised to see that her spinal cord was actually part of the same sculpt as her head... I thought it would just be a normal head with a small piece of wiggly bone inserted into it... This kind of upsets me because it makes it that much harder to kitbash a custom full-bodied zombie Wasp... should one wish to do so... also, her hair did come off, but the peg isn't the same as any other mate, it's bigger and has a flat side to prevent it from rotating while on her head... which makes me wonder if maybe it was actually supposed to come off or not... but it did... So, other hair will fit on her, but her hair won't fit on others. Anyway, still an awesome addition to the set... she's a character and an accesory all in one, who could ask for anything more!?

Edit: I just figured out another reason Wolverine's cowl bugs me... the yellow doesn't extend all the way to the bottom of his nose like it's supposed to, it's just black all the way across from fin to fin...

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I think the only thing I don't like about them (I picked them up today) are the big chest peices. Wolverine doesn't need one and it just detracts from the figure. And both his and the Hulk's are (like has already said) floppy.

I also wish that Colonel America had a cowl peice to take off and that they would've kept the original chest detail on the promo pics of the Hulk. Ah well.

These are great and I ordered a 2nd set.

Did anybody else notice how on Spider-Man's left leg there's the place where either some skin paint or some clear plastic should've gone because of the detail but it's painted over blue? I'm thinking about cutting that out to show the ball-joint underneath like a bone. Gotta practice on some spare parts first, though.

Now if we can only get a REGULAR Giant Man and Wasp!

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I picked up the Avengers today and after the alterations many of you made with NA Caps head on Thor and Bruce Wayne hair on Wondy I gotta say this just might be my favorite Marvel Wave yet. This wave has great characters They also had the Zombie set but I passed because fearing this would be a rare set I pre-ordered it on eBay so now I have to wait and pay more grrrr... I may pick it up tomorrow anyway, I donno.

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