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YOUR variant choices


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choose YOUR dream variant for waves one through twenty

you dont have to post all 20, just what you would of rather done

you cannot make an entirely different character, unless they are closely related

wave three: i would of loved to see a regular sabertooth

wave four: repalce unmasked daredevil with mat murdoc

wave sixteen: ionic wonderman

wave nineteen: classic angel, regular face, feather wings

wave 20: scarred abomination (with mealted face)

PS: sorry if this is a useless repeat thread

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Sticking to the standard assumption that chases are mainly repaints and minor molding variations and not huge changes (feathered Angel wings = too major, Iron-Man with bulky armor instead of Stealth = too major)

Series 1: Daredevil Yellow (more worthy than Elektra variation IMO)

Series 2: Black Costume Spidey Perfect Choice

Series 3: Not an X-Men fan so no idea of viable options, rather meh existing chase

Series 4: Another vote for Matt Murdock, guy in suit with Bruce Banner headpiece (better match the Petey Parker's headpiece) with Kingpin's cane.

Series 5: Unmasked Doom seem like good choice

Series 6: Stealth is meh, but identical to comic version and not much other options without breaking the bank

Series 7: Nice choice JJJ/Chamelon, even if it invalidates buying the non-chase version

Series 8: Clear rules

Series 9: Clear still rules, even more so with non-clear paint

Series 10: Black Costume Spidey people are always good choice

Series 11: Frosty seems nice, and variations

Series 13: Phasing Kitty Pryde (Death to unrelated chases!)

Series 16: Fantastic Four She-Hulk

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Wave 1: Fine as is, but having Yellow Daredevil as the chase would've made more sense.

Wave 2: Switch Black Spider-Man with Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Wave 3: Fine as is.

Wave 4: Dead Gwen Stacey :P, but seriously, Matt Murdock all the way.

Wave 5: Fine as is, but a Black and Gold Juggernaut would've been sweet.

Wave 6: Fine as is.

Wave 7: Give Chameleon his costume(ala the '90's Spider-Man Cartoon), and keep Jonah as the chase.

Wave 8: Fine as is.

Wave 9: Fine as is.

Wave 10: Fine as is.

Wave 11: Just switch the two Icemans, so that the clear one would be the chase.

Wave 12: Fine as is.

Wave 13: Make Kitty Pryde normal, and have the phasing one as a chase.

Wave 14: Skipped this wave, so it doesn't matter to me.

Wave 15: Would've skipped this one too.

Wave 16: Ultimate Thor is my overall choice, but a green Quicksilver or a '60's Scarlet Witch would've been cool too.

Wave 17: Probably gonna skip it.

Wave 18: Probably gonna skip it.

Wave 19: Make Vision 1.0 solid, and have him phasing as the variant.

Wave 20: AoA Apocalypse!

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01) post Hulk Bruce Banner

02) fine as is

03) 616 Sabretooth

04) attorney Matt Murdoch with cane and Bruce Banner hair / glasses piece

05) fine as is

06) fine as is

07) J. Jonah Jameson (stand alone mate, not Chameleon mask)

08) flame off Johnny Storm

09) battle damage Punisher

10) fine as is

11) mullet Bishop

12) better looking bearded Sentry

13) diamond Emma Frost

14) fine as is

15) Transforming Johnny Blaze (this one'd be half JB / half GR, not just Nic Cage)

16) Ionic Wonder Man

17) fine as is

18) fine as is

19) fine as is

20) X-Factor Havok

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Wave 1: Armor Daredevil

Wave 2: Black Spider-Man (hands down the BEST variant to this DAY!!)

Wave 3: Visorless Cyclops (Still on of my favorite Variants)

Wave 4: Courtroom Matt Murdock

Wave 5: WWII Cap (Pointed Shield)

Wave 6: Ultimate Iron Man

Wave 7: Ultimate Rhino (and make JJ a standard figure - NO Chameleon head!!)

Wave 8: Johnny Storm in FF body with Flamed On Head

Wave 9: Diamond Emma

Wave 10: Spider Woman II

Wave 11: Original Bishop with Long Hair

Wave 12: Ultimate 'Sam Jackson' Nick Fury

Wave 13: Classic Beast (I still HATE phashing Kitty by the way, dumbest figure ever!)

Wave 14: Street Clothes Wolverine

Wave 15: Demon Form Blackheart

Wave 16: Ultimate Thor

Wave 17: Transforming Eddie

Wave 18: Transforming Peter (the girls should both be standard figures)

Wave 19: Vision 2.0 Clear (make Vision 2.0 Solid)

Wave 20: DO NOT TOUCH THIS WAVE, Current Angel is the 1st MUST HAVE Chase since Black Spider-Man!!!


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I don't get why so many people hate the phasing Kitty so much, I think it's one of the cooler figures. Same with the upcoming Ditko Spider-Man.. everyone's complaining, but I think it's actually one of the cooler Spider-man ones we've had, especially next to Mysterio :D

But I digress...

First, I don't think that your argument holds water. The Ditko Spider-Man or Peter/Spider-Man from Wave 2 are not even in the same catagory as the phasing Kitty. Both of those Spider-Man are like homages to their time in Comic History, while Kitty is just a standard figure.

I don't want to speak for anyone, but I will tell you my beef with the Kitty. #1, if you are going to make a "Phasing" figure, you do it as a variant. Kitty isn't always phasing through stuff, just like Emma's not always a Diamond and Sue is not always invisible. They should have made the phasing figure a variant and let us have a Solid, correct Kitty figure.

More importantly than all that though, KITTY DOES NOT DISAPPEAR!!! What in the crap is a "Phasing" figure good for when your character walks through solid objects. This is a completely useless deco. If they wanted to make it gimicky, they could have shipped her with a leg that's cut in half so it looks like she is sliding through the floor or an arm cut in half so it looks like she's reaching through the wall. That makes since. But again, we are talking about a Gimmick. Ask yourself this question. If this is the ONLY Kitty figure that we ever get, will you truly be happy with one that is half here and half gone? I'm not, and thus why I would change the figure.

*phew*......please, comence the discussion :). neo

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In regards to the phasing Kitty argument, I agree that her invisible bits don't make much sense, but are probably the best way they could have been incorporated without completely retooling what a minimate is. That being said, there shouldn't be a solid with phasing variant, but rather a solid with replaceable parts. If MZ Black Panther gets replacement arms and legs, why not Kitty Pride?

But, that's off topic. Back to the variants:

Wave 1: Yellow Daredevil or Matt Murdock as the variant. The yellow costume hasn't seen the light of day since DD's origins *cue correction from somewhere* and would make for a better variant than Elektra's costume. But with the loss of the black costumed Elektra, something must fill the void, which should be Matt Murdock. We get Bruce Banner in the wave, so why not Matt Murdock as well.

Wave 2: Spider Armor, a goblin variation or Norman Osborn as the variant. The black costume is far too popular to be a chase, especially when it has been used as a standard release for just about every other toy line in existence ever. Instead, put it with Venom as a standard set, ditch Peter Parker/Spider-Man and use Battle-Damaged Spidey with the goblin. Then, you either replace Spidey with a less popular costume variant, like the Spider-Armor which saw all of one appearance, or you replace the Goblin with either another Green Goblin variation, seeing as we've had around 5 or so now in the comics, or a normal Norman Osborn.

Wave 3: Logan as the variant. Visorless Cyclops is a stupid variant. Sunglasses Cyclops would have been a better choice, but no, the best variant for this wave is the Wolvie without a costume. You give him a cowboy hat and a jacket, and he's instantly desirable to fans. To fill the void that he would place, you toss in either Ultimate Colossus, Ultimate Beast, or Ultimate Iceman. All three were with the team in the beginning and are conspicuously missing from this wave.

Wave 4: Peter Parker. First, you combine Masked and Unmasked Spider-Man into one figure. Either a second head or a removable mask and bundle them all with Gwen. Then, you use another Spider-man costume for the figure with Doc Ock. If not used by wave 2, Spider Armor would work here. Scarlet Spider is another good one to see a normal release. Then, you toss Peter in with Gwen as the variant.

Wave 5: WW2 Captain America. First of all, toss out Civilian Logan, because he's useless. You replace him with another Wolverine variant, like the brown or the yellow costume. Next, you either make Doom's mask removable or his head reversible. Finally, regular Cap gets subbed by the variant WW2 Cap. Again, a classic costume that holds no current relevance and thus won't be a huge loss to fans while at the same time will be desirable to completists.

Wave 6: Either Stealth Iron Man or Battle-Damaged Bruce Banner. Stealth Iron Man works, but if you want to change things, you replace Gamma Hulk with the Bruce Banner who's just been blasted with a Gamma Bomb. Tattered clothes, same hair and glasses from the first wave. It works.

Wave 7: J Jonah Jameson. First, you fix whatever was wrong with Thanos at the time and get him in the set with Surfer. Next, Chameleon comes with the J Jonah Jameson mask as a standard accessory. Third, you make an actual J Jonah Jameson as the variant.

Wave 8: Invisible Woman as the variant. First, you restructure the wave, with Sue being paired with Reed or Johnny. Next, you put Powerhouse Thing with Gaijin Wolverine. Then, you incorporate the Super Skrull into the wave. We don't need two Thing's in one wave. His character doesn't develop that much to require it. Sue's perfectly fine being replaced by clear Sue.

Wave 9: Diamond Queen. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Wave 10: Spider-Girl or variation of Sandman as the variant. You keep the pairings the same, but rather than have Spider-Woman replaced with an equally desirable character, you replace her with May "May Day" Parker from MC2, keeping the part reuse trend going, as its just a female Ben Reilly. Or, if you find a couple bucks in the budget, you replace Sandman with one of his more classical costumes.

Wave 11: Either a Rogue variation or an Iceman variation. This wave is alright the way it is, but if you want to mix things up, give Rogue her classic costume as the variant. And give her New X-Men Wolverine's jacket either way.

Wave 12: Either Sharon Carter or Imprisoned Sentry. First of all, burn Riot Spider-Man. You either make a darker costume or replace him entirely. Sticking Spider-Woman II (Arachne) back in Wave 10 and using Spider-Woman I here would work. Then, either tweak Imprisoned Sentry to look better, or replace Nick Fury with Sharon Carter as the variant.

Wave 13: Either Phasing Kitty, Classic Beast or Diamond Emma as the variant. Get rid of Days of Future Past Wolverine, as they didn't even approach the character the best way they should have. Next, bulk up Colossus. Finally, either variant Kitty, Beast or Emma.

Wave 14: Cyclops. Replace Wolverine with Cyclops as the variant. He was in the movie too, and would help flesh out your core cast of characters. Rogue would be another choice, since she was a core character for the first two movies until Brett Ratner got his hands on her. Ordinarily I prefer variations of character to new characters as the variant, but given Cyclops' limited screen time, he works as a chase figure.

Wave 15: Either a demon Blackheart or an actual transforming Ghost Rider. These figures weren't very appealing from a visual standpoint because they were all just people. You either bring in some demons or you make the people you have more appealing. A demon Blackheart would be good. What would really be good is a Johnny Blaze who is catching on fire, much like the first time he transforms to Ghost Rider. And give all the characters a hand that's pointing.

Wave 16: Bearded Thor or Ionic Wonderman. Either fix Bearded Thor's helmet so that it isn't partly painted on his face, or make an Ionic Wonderman.

Wave 17: Transformation Venom works.

Wave 18: Transformation Spidey or Gwen Stacy. Gwen wasn't as big a part in the movie as MJ, so she shouldn't get the non-variant slot. It would be better to keep them both in the line up and replace a Spider-Man with Transformation Spidey.

Wave 19: Blue Angel is fine.

Wave 20: Either Phasing Vision or White Vision. By making Vision 2.0 the variant, you completely kill any future Young Avengers wave or box set. Make normal Vision the main, and either a phasing variation or the white costume as the chase.

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cool idea for a thread punisher.. and a good way to waste time at work B) on to my dream variants

wave 1: "courtroom" matt murdock would be great

wave 2: LOVE black spidey... no need to change that one

wave 3: this is a weird one... i woulda paired wolvie with colossus (they are an excellent team in the comic) storm and beast (they DID date)... and toss iceman as the variant and BAM! you have the full ultimate xmen starting lineup and i soil myself with excitement..... besides, civilian wolvie and ultimate sabertooth arent that great anyways <_<

wave 4: broken neck gwen :blink: .... oooh im only kidding.... im gonna go with black bullseye

wave 5: ww2 cap sounds kinda neat

wave 6: a tony stark figure woulda been nice...

wave 7: i agree the JJ head shoulda been an accesory instead of chase.... but for a chase, a different costume for chameleon would be cool

wave 8: transparent invisible woman was awesome... on a side note i still dont see why they included 2 things... could they not think of any different F4 characters :confused:

wave9: diamond emma was great

wave 10: i liked the alternate spider woman

wave 11: either classic rogue (with coat).... or a more classic bishop (with the hair)

wave 12: before i go off on the cahse figure.... riot attack spidey and ronin should NOT be in this wave.... spidey got beat up in the first arc... ronin didnt show up till what? the 3rd?! woulda been way better to have the other new avenger characters..... for the chase... JERVIS!

wave 13: first drop the transparent bits on kitty (that was dumb)and give wolvie his mask!!... for the chase, i wanna say diamond emma, but its been done... so im gonna go with classic blue costume shadowcat

wave 14: i like the phoenix variant

wave 15: demonic blackheart

wave 16: its a toss up between ionic wonderman and F4 she hulk

wave 17: transforming eddie is cool

wave 18: i agree with drgnbrn.... the girls should be ragular figs.... the chase shoulda been transforming peter

wave 19: i like the current chase ... blue angel i think it was

wave 20: if they never did a ronin figure (see wave 12 ;) ) then ronin woulda been a cool chase figure for hawkeye

phew.... and thats my 2 cents

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I'm just gonna do these all by looking at the 6 basic characters, and choosing what I think would have bene the most intuitive variant... I know some of the ones I'm mentioning were released later, or in other sets, but I'm just gonna chug through them...

Series 1: Grey-Hulk... just makes more sense to me than Black Elektra

Series 2: Honestly, I would have left it Black Spider-Man. I know it angered lots of people, but it makes the most sense.

Series 3: Original Costume Ultimate Wolverine (From the cover of Ultimate X-Men #1)

Series 4: Black Bullseye :P

Series 5: Grey & Gold Juggernaut (I don't know if he had even worn that costume yet when these hit, but I pick that.)

Series 6: Phoenix Phoenix (As in Green Suit Phoenix)

Series 7: J. Jonah Jameson (With an ACTUAL head, and just given the regular Chameleon various Mask Accesories)

Series 8: Like Series 2, I think Invisible Sue was the logical choice.

Series 9: New X-Men Emma (Would have made more sense w/ Diamond Form)

Series 10: Like 2 & 8, I like the variant Spider-Woman choice. Sorry it's harder to get, but it was a good variant.)

Series 11: Green & White costume Rogue (Also would have given the normal one a Jacket)

Series 12: Again, Good Variant

Series 13: I'd have made a normal Kitty the regular, and Phasing the variant

Series 14: Movie Civilian Logan

Series 15: "Demon" Blackheart

Series 16: Fantastic Four She-Hulk

Series 17: Original Movie Green Goblin (I know he's not in the liscense, but he'd have been a cooler variant)

Series 18: I'd have switched M.J. in as the normal and made Gwen the variant... makes more sense to me...

Series 19: Original Angel (Blue Skin, Feather Wings)

Series 20: Modern Havok (There are tons of options for this set though, I just went with this 'cause I'm an X-Fan)

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Wave 3: a oter uly. x man or woman

Wave 4: original bullseye would be better

Wave 5: us agent

Wave 7: jjj with normal head

Wave 8: she thing

Wave 10: scarlet spidey

Wave 11: long hair bishop

Wave 13: phasing kitty

Wave 16: phasing wonderman

Wave 17: movie scorpion(with movie i mean game of the movie)

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